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  • mnplumb mnplumb Mar 8, 2012 2:00 PM Flag

    Investing or are trying to out do the other investor??

    Paper money is worth less and less,you can't make $$$$ in money markets accounts,CD's,etc. The one thing that remains is investing in public companys. I see people driving down prices on good money making stocks or public companys. I see investing companys making big time fees trading customer $$$$$ plus adding more fees,etc. The rich are getting richer,the poor are asking for more government help,the people in the middle are paying more local taxes,utilities are moving higher,insurance companys are charging more for less coverage,etc. Thank God I,m tired,retired,collecting Social Security,have some IRA;s,ROTH account,plus no debt. Do you believe Bankers charging 5 to 10 percent on loans and then they give you .12345% on your money. Mr. White is buying back shares increasing the value of our shares. He's runing a business in hard times and he' keeping everyone on board. So I'm going to continue out doing fellow investors by investing in good little companys like EDUC. I'll let the big mutual fund investor trade the so called big blue chip companys and let them make their 1.789345% on other peoples money????? GLTA to all EDUC share holders and hope you all make it through the up coming political mess!!!!

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