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  • bubble_go_bye_bye bubble_go_bye_bye Dec 2, 2004 3:23 PM Flag

    Today's action

    is the total opposite of yesterday's. Today we started out weak and are getting stronger and stronger as the afternoon wears on. Where were all the buyers at 8 today when it was in the low 7's yesterday? Not paying attention, I guess.

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    • Doesn't really matter,this mm is one manipulating sob. This is a good stock but be very wary of this mm or mms,this is why the stock is so volatile. Broke my buy order up then broke my sell order up all the while chasing it down,this creep isn't satisfied, with just making money off the spread. I guess that's what happens when you let your guard down. JMO. RJ

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      • Hey it is all part of owning stock in a thinly traded issue. Someone wanted out (hence the 30K sell). The MMs had to move the stock down to a level where they could get people to buy and/or to a level where they knew they could inventory the shares to sell at a future date at a higher price. Take it for what it was... a great chance to make some money. I bought 2K at 7.35 and 7.40, sold 3K at 7.90 & 7.95 and held the rest. The price is now back to the level of 3 days ago. Good company with good fundimentals... just a blip on the chart is all. MMs aren't a non profit orginization, overall they do a good job on this. Some of these thinly traded, low float stocks will bounce a dollar or more all the time. Their charts looks like an outline of the Alps. Good luck to ya.

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