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  • m.hallmark290 m.hallmark290 Feb 10, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    i have a ?..........

    like what i see here. just recieved investor packet from Houston & that looks good too. want to know if Obombya killing that pipeline hurt FRD's prospects at all?
    any opinions would be welcomed...thanx

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    • well I personally think he overpays his secretary. that is why she is in such a high (er) tax bracket than he is.
      funny thing about these billionaires. once they make it they dont mind paying a few million more in taxes, as long as WE pay more too. I susect it is a plot to keep the average American average; elsewise we would all become billionaires and equals.
      Now if BRK would pay a divd maybe his sec'y tax bracket would drop! Anyone ever think of that?

    • Thanks, but no great foresight on my part: I'd read something about a deal being proposed on the lower half. So now that that's done, the various interested factions will likely work out some deal on the rest, as M.Swanger suggests. I am not relying on approval of the pipeline to boost FRD stock, but it certainly can't hurt.

      As for Fracing: I've always thought it was spelled "fracking", but a quick internet search reveals that both spellings are in use. Maybe it all depends on what region one lives in.

    • let me tell you some things about the hypocrite Buffett. He says he feels the rich should pay more taxes. Then why is he fighting the IRS over 2 million they say he owes. then why is he paying lobbyists to get one of his companies special tax breaks, Then why is he donating stock to the Bill Gates Foundation so that he can avoid the tax on the stock gain but write off the whole amount so that he actually makes money by giving it away or at least more than if he sold it and paid taxes and what was left.

    • well you are partly right so far, he has approved the lower part of it and this should help this stock along.

    • The U.S. has increased production of oil in the last 4 years more than any other country in the world. Kudos for Obama? No, the increased production was caused by new techniques in fracing* which allowed us to drill for oil that was previously deemed inacccesible. The pipeline, when built, will serve as a conduit* for Canadian tar-sands oil, and to a lesser degree our Bakken oil to be shipped overseas rather than be sold in the U.S. at a lower price. Hence the completion of the pipeline will tend to increase the price of gasoline. But the new supply will come from a more stable source than the Middle East. Surely you'd rather get your oil from Canada than from Iran.
      * "fracing" is an interesting word The only other word I know that has a hard c followed directly by an e or an i is "soccer".
      * "conduit" is an intersting word. I started life as a two-syllable word, just like "biscuit", |"triscuit" and "circuit", but everybody mispronounced it and eventually the dictionaries all gave up, so that now its quite all right to pronounce it as a two-syllable word or as a three-syllable word.
      P.S. I hope you appreciate my sincere efforts to stay out of politics.

    • If you're saying that Obama has shown himself as another conniving politician...well, you've got a good point. I don't much care for Buffet either: basically just another money shuffler in my opinion, although far from the worst of the bunch. Your theory about the pipeline may have some merit.

      Even so, since I reject the More sinister theory that the President has a hidden agenda (militant Islamic, radical socialist, Black Panther, secret Kenyan, whatever) to destroy the economy. On that basis, my bet is that the economy will continue to improve albeit slowly whoever gets elected, and that FRD will prosper accordingly.

      Obama may be derided for pursuing alternative energy sources, or at least giving lip service to same, but I don't see us getting weaned off the petroleum teat anytime soon. On that note, I should mention that I was traveling interstate last week, going slightly over the speed limit in my compact car, and observing that $4 gasoline has not changed driving habits. The usual yahoos (apologies to our freedom-loving website hosts) were speeding, weaving around and in general burning up more gas than they needed to...and as usually happens, the biggest vehicles were showing the most road rage. Adding to the continuing demand for oil, oil exploration, and pipeline. It wouldn't surprise me to see that the XL gets approved anyway, during the current administration.

      So I think that explains my position, in my rambling way, and we'll just have to wait for events to prove me right or wrong. I remain Long FRD at this point.

    • now you are venturing into the land of politics! I heard/read that our Most Esteemed COngress is looking at legislation to bypass the prez and pass a bill approving the pipeline.
      IMHO it doesnt hurt FRD. But it may make frd less profitable if the pipeline doesnt go through.
      Again MHO!

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