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  • stockpavilion stockpavilion Dec 3, 2012 8:14 PM Flag

    I took a large Position

    in something besides stocks. You cannot benchmark against standards that will be dismantled. This swimming upstream for an anticipated year-end spawn will not materialize. The guideposts are knocked down. And if all else fails, remember the guy who systematically bought at 55 and sold at 75? We have not remotely approached anything in the lower category by that standard.

    This month is going to get choppy. A trader's paradise. But not an investor's paradise. It will rise and fall from each chirp from a DC talking head. It will be handled with the same profound incompetence and stubborness as the 2011 budget outcome.

    You know, for those of us who had thought ourselves as a tad conservative, to understand or align with a Republican suggestion that the only way to solve matters is to meddle with medicare or social security, to the exclusion of most other spending, is in itself intolerable. We are represented by no one. No one. We go it alone.

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    • I empathize with your position, and agree going it alone and being self reliant is better than dependence. I'm making an offer to the Gov to write me a check for 50% of what I have in my Social Security account......50% only, and forget sending me checks later. I'll take care of myself. The rest I will donate to the Gov to do my share in paying down the deficit. Wonder if they will accept my offer?

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      • "write me a check for 50% of what I have in my Social Security account".Turbo,bare in mind that you don't have an "account" in SS since all of its revenue is immediately "borrowed" by other government leaching programs and never ever intended to be reimbursed. Paying you 50% would mean that they would have to again "borrow" money from China putting us further in the hole.

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