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  • stockpavilion stockpavilion Jan 31, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

    PATIENCE or a Hizzy Fit

    If you cannot think of a compelling reason to buy something, don't. Buying at tops, or the mere suggestion that buying at tops is a solid strategy, should be verboten for people with memories.

    There is nothing so predictable as retail investing and retail investors, gratified to excesses at the fringes and taking solice in group losses or group gains.. Translation. Overselling and overbuying. It is the moo cow herd mentality that defines the human species so well. What else to explain why someone is willing to buy here at $73 but would not touch it at $61 in a down market. So much for value investing.

    Mideast in the news again. There is nothing that stirs the dustdevils as much as shooting at a Hizzy-bound convoy that probably had Russian training staff in tow. Which is why you get the prompt response from Moscow. And to accompanying confession.

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    • looking at the SP500 after trying to overcome 1500. It seem to look tired and ready to pivot down to 1478. It could be a sideways consolidation or a controlled decline. The market internal starting to look tired also. We could have an RD bargain hunter tomorrow, but the pivot is in to maybe 69-68 the least if any hope for a rebound toward ex. dividend date.

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      • Sold on a gamble Wednesday, 25% back in RDS today, playing in dark. Appliance maker Whirlpool up $6.66 today on 40% less net income to $115.38?? The market continues to confuse me with RDS barely over $70. after today's bloodbath. I don't remember ever looking for an appliance that I couldn't find when needing one, but gasoline up today to $3.35.9 from $3.15.9 yesterday. WHAT A COUNTRY! Hope to add a little RDS shares tomorrow.
        Best to all.

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