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  • stockpavilion stockpavilion Apr 22, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    Zero & OldPro - Rebound off the Depression

    You got me thinking Zero. Let me grab a few out of the memory bank. Electrical black tape on a baseball. Rusty round ring held up on warped plywood by a bend over nail for basketball. Or a tree. Leaving nothing on the plate. Ever. Batting rocks for entertainment hours on end with an ax handle. Re-lacing your worn football for the fourth time. $3 dollar drug store Wesclox pocket watches fit for a king. Converse canvas with, yes, cardboard for the toes. No returns the day after Christmas. None. The Honeymooners, original, in black and white. Milk by milk can. Dentistry by a WWII medic using a drill turning 10 revolutions a minute. Rear end vacine shots that would launch oneself to the moon. White bucks. Jarred anything in the pantry. Fresh newly printed one dollar bills in hand. All haircuts at home. Marbles. Pictures of grandparents that lived in back woods shacks in Washington, with a small one that happened to be my mother. And then you stop, and look at the picture a little closer. And longer.

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    • "Dentistry by a WWII medic using a drill turning 10 revolutions a minute." Marfly, you made my teeth hurt again. Going to dentist tomorrow because of a "phantom" tooth ache. I don't have that tooth any longer but it hurts now that you talked about the 10 rpm drill. You sure it was that fast?

    • I remember the metal ring from the inner wagon hub to mak a "scooter" to roll with a wooden handle with a tin can on the end. Enough of that, might get depressed.
      For those with true grit making small swings with RDS stock, congratulations you should have a mint playing the swings. It's making a run to X day. BTA

    • no policeman in the school. Principal was the policeman. Stood 5' 7" looked like Jimmy Cagney. Everybody scared of him. You walked straight to your class room and glad you made it safely there.. Parents backed the teacher , principal, shoemaker or whoever. We had no "rights". Looking back I should have sued someone. Is it too late?

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