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  • manufacturingmo manufacturingmo Jan 15, 2013 1:07 AM Flag

    Job Openings at CMC. Unicorns and Butterflies.

    Anybody remotely involved with the steel industry sees that CMC is still all about chasing unicorns and catching butterflies. Not much has changed since Murray McLean and Bill Larson were paid their small fortunes to leave. The latest job openings of CMC make that pretty clear. CMC has made progress but is still not back to basics and focused on the fundamentals like they should be. Low-cost producer. Multi-tasking. Empowered employees. This is the formula for success.

    The IT and communications infrastructure of CMC are stuck in chronic Munchausen Syndrome. Perpetual chaos and problems and the solving of those problems prop up many that should have been gone long ago. The leaders of these areas are rewarded for solving problems that were not problems five years ago. Still draining $millions from the bottom line. Until this company sees some true leadership, $16.00 per share is just about the ceiling.


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    • Your post would be comical if not so true, MO. Six figure salaries for positions with virtual and abstract job descriptions are still the order of the day at the corporate office.


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      • Sorry I was a little late in getting to this Mo. You, as always, are spot on. There is nothing good about this company, exept some of the people that are still trying to make a difference each day. The problem is that they are stuck and have no way out, and are just awaiting the hammer to come down on them to force them to make a decision. All along it has been and will continue to be that these highly paid executives will continue to ruin a once grand company. I am apalled that there are people in this world that take advantage and wring every last ounce of diginity and work out of people only to tell them, well you don't count anymore, so be on your way. You said it best, until these idiots get out of the way, and someone that has real leadership ideas and that can radically change this company, this stock and the company will continue to flounder. We have been saying it here for years now and the history books will reflect it, but this company is doomed if they stay the current course. It is inevitable and sad, it truly is....

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