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  • manufacturingmo manufacturingmo Mar 18, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    The Cowboy Prince is Gone!!!

    And he should be treated like he is just a number. The man responsible for cutting careers at the knees and playing a major role in sending thousands of families to the ranks of the unemployed is moving on. He should get THE SAME severance package that was offered to all of those that he RIFFED due to the bad decisions of McClean, Larson, Passmore, and himself. He should NOT be given the pot of gold given to McClean and Larson to leave for playing such a major role in running a once respected and hugely successful company into the ground. Those that remain will be trying to repair the damage inflicted by him for years to come. He was a major player in destroying the once great corporate culture that was SMI/ CMC. He cost this company $millions. He is the reason that CMC so greatly lacks competence and experience today. "Non competition clause" you say? CMC should hope and pray that Nucor Steel hires the Cowboy Prince on April 1st and hope he does for them the same thing he did for CMC. Yes, what goes around comes around and every now and then, an event takes place that does makes one realize that there really is a God in Heaven.

    This was a good day for CMC. Not sure if the company will survive as we know it, but perhaps this position can be filled with someone that actually likes and respects people.


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    • I remember a few years back when Mr. Alleman's "profanity probation letter" was sent to thousands of CMC employees for using what was deemed foul language on the office communicator. I remember thinking how unbelievably arrogant and hypocritical this was. Everyone with a "violation" had to sign and return to corporate human resources. This was the point that I realized the company had become more about power and control than profits and people. I became concerned about the future of the company and moved on shortly thereafter. Yes, there is life after CMC and I made the right decision. But Jim Alleman's departure makes me very happy for the many friends that I still have at CMC that have hung on and survived through all of this. I think this a great sign that maybe CMC can once again get back to the proud, people oriented, and very profitable company it once was.

    • The saddness of this is the loss of good people that happened during this reign. Unfortunately there will be no remedy for them. I know several in the different departments that lost their jobs because they chose to try and point out the things that were happening. What's really sad is they were punished by the same leaders that still remain because they were afraid(their own words) of Jim and his unlimited power. Even people in the HR department were eliminated or punished because they were seen as resistant to the movement away from the foundational values of the culture of CMC. All I can say is this to you senior leaders "how much blood do you have on your hands"?

    • He just didn’t get it. He didn’t understand the simplicity of the people program. The only part he got was the profit motive. He didn't understand dignity of the individual or mutual respect. He didn’t understand concepts such as loyalty and teams. He didn’t see supervisors as leaders. He could speak of engagement but he didn’t get how to create a motivating work environment. He didn’t see how these concepts could fuel profits.

      He thought the organization lived in the past. Yes, the culture honored the past – and rightfully so – but as Marvin Selig preached “the future is where it’s at…you change anything and everything if it makes sense.” So sure change was needed in HR programs (compensation program for one), but one area we had no capacity for change was the bedrock of the culture. I fear now for whatever organization the Cowboy Prince seduces next with his Anti People Program.

      Some time back I referenced an HBR article on Executive Psychopaths and left it to the reader to determine if the Cowboy Prince fit the description. The harem references in this stream reminded me of that article because in addition to the glibness/superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, cunning/manipulative, lack of remorse or guilt, and callous/lack of empathy characteristics of a psychopath, one also finds on the list promiscuous sexual behavior. I’m not making any suggestions, just saying it’s an interesting coincidence.

      So vaya con Dios – or maybe better said, in the words of Bruce Willis, yippee ki-ay. Thankfully this chapter is closed. The question now is where does the organization go next? Will the pendulum swing back to what made it successful and bring in someone who has an interest in creating an engaged workforce? And perhaps the the bigger question, are there still enough employees who have the passion to make a difference for themselves, their teammates and for the company? I’m not sure about the answer to the first question, but my faith is in the latter.

    • I am just wondering if the harem is going to stay or will they be following him to his next gig?


    • I see that a single poster gave MO's post a thumbs down. Just who in the world could it be? Jim? Is that you Little Jimmy? Jim Alleman?


    • Hello Mo. I have always enjoyed your posts here over the years. I have figured out who the "Cowboy Prince" is and agree with everything you have said, but why do you call him that?

    • Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Jimmy Boy! Good riddance, and one of the best things to happen at CMC since BL's departure. JA was the evil empire personified.

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      • Agreed steeltoeboot. I am very pleased to see there are obviously still many here that care about the future of CMC. This board has been dead for a long time but we are suddenly seeing signs of life. I think Joe Alvarado has done a good job and taken out most of the parasites and exorcised most of the major demons. I don't think Barbara Smith will tolerate inefficiency at any level. There are still many in this company that have drank the Corporate Kool-Aid even at the branch level that still must be purged, but I think their days are numbered. They had better truly care about the well-being and success of those that work for them or these so called "managers" will need to find another company to work for. Perhaps they can follow the Cowboy Prince to the next company he takes from the penthouse to the outhouse.


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