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    Good link undervalued

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    Monday, October 12, 2009
    NEWS: FDA Medical Device: Non-Invasive Cervical Cancer Detection
    By: Michael Vlaicu Thursday, October 08, 2009 9:43 AM

    Guided Therapeutics, Inc.
    (Public, OTC:GTHP)
    Guided Therapeutics, Inc. (OTC:GTHP) contains perhaps one of the most promising medical devices aiming for an annual global $1 billion dollar non-invasive cervical cancer market. Now, lets take a look at how it sits alongside the likes of Nephros (OTC:NEPH) and Imaging3 (OTC:IMGG). Their device LightTouch is a powerful and innovative non-invasive screening device for early detection of cervical cancer. Before getting started, lets dust our shoulders off right off the bat and address and important issue which is rarely discussed. One problem that many rookie investors will argue these days is, the price per share for a stock. Within the small cap industry, everyone seems to be lovestruck by stocks worth under the fifty cent mark, without even considering the current market cap, outstanding shares, and the market potential of the product being developed and/or released for distribution. This is where GTHP comes in, it has one notable difference which separates it from the others, and that is the highly undervalued market cap of GTHP relative to its product. When taking a look at the respective market caps of IMGG ($173M), and NEPH($53M), it then becomes evidently clear that GTHP's highly conservative (11M) will undoubtedly follow in the foot steps of these golden nuggets. GTHP's product, LightTouch is indeed impressive when taking into consideration that there exists only two screening options for cervical cancer detection in the Pap smear and HPV tests, which are painful, and highly inaccurate procedures. GTHP had its product tested on over 3000 women to date, and over 1900 in a critical FDA pivotal clinical trial on route to providing a 46% improvement over the Pap smear test, and thus leading to the company receiving a multi-million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute on 10/5/09. Based on the outcome of the study, GTHP plans to submit the trial results to the FDA as part of the Premarket Approval (PMA) application for the LightTouch.
    Undervalued and high potential couldn't be more evident for GTHP. A company that with its recent $2.5M grant from the National Cancer Institute has come a long way from bankrupcy fears stated in the 08/18/2009 10-Q. Oh, and it doesn't hurt when 81% of women want the LightTouch to replace the current conventional Pap smear. If you're wondering why they mention SpectRx in the study, it is because that was the old name prior to their name change

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