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  • sockerref Aug 18, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

    Sorry, I,m out. I can not stand the spector of

    more dilution or the thought of chapter 11. Been there done that with others or even K-M coming in and calling the tune on the cheap, although the technology looks like it has proven viable now the real struggle for control starts when money becomes an issue and I do not see current shareholders in a position of power, as the old saying goes they that have the gold make the rules. Good luck to all hope you all end up getting a good pop out of this.

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    • Of course there will be more dilution as all shareholders should expect but at what price and what will be the results of further infusion of cash.
      Money spent on growth and acceptance of the new technology may be many times the dilutive factor.
      I have no problem with dilution as long as the money raised brings shareholder value.
      Jumping of the ship as it leaves the port is foolish and I wish you well swimming to the shore but I expect the voyage to be rewarding and am willing to ride the waves until we reach the final port.
      I once was in a stock where the CEO refused to raise cash needed to launch his product through dilutive means and preferred to borrow the funds instead. I asked him why he wanted more debt that he couldn't pay back and he said I don't want to dilute the stock. He went BK in less than a year thereafter. He had a chance to raise $10,000,000 @ $5 a share but borrowed a few million at high rates instead.
      Do you get my point. Dilution is OK if it brings results.

    • Smart Money is Konica Minolta'
      Smart Money is restructuring the Debt to Shares Swap
      -that shows Confidence.\
      Smart Money is year after year National Cancer Institute giving Guided Therapeutcs money.. ..Shall I go on?
      And more smart money occurs just before' or after the PMA Filing..
      Smart Money knows this is a long process and they still have time to jump in'' PMA Filing gives Company automatic Credibility and more interest comes our way- That is obvious.

    • If the technology is so good why no market? Management and lack of a plan to commercialize. Where are the smart buyers if this is the next great thing?
      Sexy you are a rookie investor or associated with the company. You have destroyed your credibility by being the fan person for the company.

    • Guided Therapeutics has been able to survive without MAJOR Dilution ALL these years...
      Because of great Management,we are now in a position that we need Big bucks to go forward in our Manufacturing/ Commercialization phase of Company-
      Now we can Dilute Shares if needed via Private Placement,without any thoughts of doom and gloom to shareholders-
      Hypothetically,even if we jumped from 40+ mil O/S to 60 mil O/S- If you believe future Market cap can be at least 250-400Million>which is fair assessment----
      then what is pps Potential? 4.50 5.00 6.00?
      Is that not good for the Folks that bought under a buck?

    • A private placement at a curret .80-.85 range of course will be offered to Institutions at a 10-20% Discount..
      But if this pops 1.00 the closer we get to OR after PMA Filing-then we get a much greater Deal on the Dilution of Shares come that time..
      Dilution of Shares will not be the only source of Cash for Guided Therapeutics rest of 2010 and 2011.
      It is So obvious to me Partnerships with K/M will get stronger and bigger $$$$> and Grants and other offers will occur..
      This MAY go down as one of the most innovative devices in the Cervical Market. PAP Smears are 50+ years old Folks AND False Positives and and additional waste of testing and $$$ on Health Industry is well documented..
      Yes we start out as an adjunct and then replacement for Colposcopies. Then we go for the BIGGER CHEESE'''
      Replacement or Adjunct with Pap Smears..
      This is Huge HERE..
      Patience...NOT Panic..

    • You are correct and have experience. The poster known as sexy lady is a fan person with no street experience. I expect a vulture to show up weather KM of another. The management has been trying to complete any raise for 2 years with no success. If the technology is so good why no market for the stock and no coverage. The answer is a weak management team and significant remaining risk including regulatory risk as well as reimbursement risk.. 180 day review cycle when submitted and at least one round of comments from FDA say they need at least a year of cash and big dilution on the way. I am on the sidelines and will enter when smart many does.

      • 2 Replies to mavricko
      • mavricko, I have no problem with multiple points of view. IMHO its healthy.

        From the research I have performed and individuals I have talked too, the technology is sound and the potential for huge revenues exists. I mean HUGE.. The savings the technology can generate for the health industry range in the billions of dollars. Is there a risk. Well heck yes there is a risk. The sky could fall tommorrow as well..

        My bet is you are more interested in the stock from a postive position than you have put on. My bet is you would love to accumulate some cheap shares. Heck if you can get the shareprice down some I will gladly add another truckload to my position.


      • Mavricko' You contradict yourself'
        You put down Company and technology in your above post.
        Yet you say you will enter stock at some point' Hilarious'
        What a joke you are Mavricko> and have lost ALL CREDIBILITY'
        Nobody here will be shocked when some Dilution Comes we know that-
        Cash will be used for the right reasons,and Company will continue to get NON-DIlutive Cash from outside sources too!
        All looking good here,not doom and gloom..

    • So Sockerref'
      Now That Company has Manageable Debt due to Restructuring' of Debt to Shares....
      Now that Company Lien has been removed....
      Now that Company went from PK. TO OB....
      Now that Company just got their R&D team together for their Konica/Minoltsa Partnership to develop Light Touch for Barrett's Esophagus Diagnosis...
      Now that Company is about to File the Full PMA Light Touch Device for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis ..
      You say BYE BYE? Yet when things were at its' worse here you was a Shareholder..
      hmmmm. Quite odd indeed...

    • You are Hilarious Sir'
      bye bye'


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