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  • wooklll wooklll Mar 29, 2012 3:55 PM Flag

    Our Government

    I lost a large amount of money when the FDA decided "non approval" on Jan.20th. My anger towards the miss management of our country makes me dizzy. My girlfriend on her last OB visit got a call that her test results were abnormal. She just went back today (two weeks later) to have a very disturbing biopsy. Now it is another 10 days to get those results back. The red tape to bring this new technology to market is laughable. Except I am not laughing. I have no faith in our Government on every level federal & state(I live in RI) The FDA would rather approve pink slime meat filler. Something is going to change in this country some day, hopefully in my life time.

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    • Govt is controlled by the big-money interests that it is supposed to be regulating - the agenda for our most important industries - financial, healthcare, energy and defense - is set by the lobbyists for the corporate interests and everyone in the country pays for it in the form of higher prices. A company like GTHP doesn't stand a chance against the lobbying efforts of the major players in the pap smear industry - too much money is at stake for them.