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  • usma1992 usma1992 Apr 1, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    Catalysts moving forward....


    I don't know how many people were her for the 2012 Jan debacle when it came to the FDA. Many as I were waiting for a positive only to get blindsided late Friday afternoon on the 21st. However, we are here again and we are in better shape than we were before.

    Here are the catalysts:
    1). FDA approval...obviously everyone is waiting to hear and since we are only 45 days out, it could come anytime.

    2). Journal article... this shoud bring GTHP to the forefront with academic community, which does have money to play with. In addition, it creates exposure which is what we need.

    3). Marketing campaign to follow FDA. I think this is very underrated. I believe that not only will the company generate exposure, women's health groups will generate exposure. We could receive a fair amount of exposure, which will dramatically help the stock price. Unfortunately, FDA approval is almost mandatory.

    4). European Approval... this wasn't mentioned in the call, but don't we still need a final-final. It will be nice to actually put some units in the field.

    5). New distributor agreements with financial meet behind them. It would be nice to see more exposure to more markets.

    Holding us back:
    1). Funding... people will not invest without some sense of certainty. This can only be cleared up with more money which will most likely come after FDA approval.

    On a side note, I was happy with the conference call. I sense a little frustration from investors because the CEO is basically asking us to have faith, money will be there when we need it. It looks like 3rd and 4th quarter have the potential of being very solid.

    I look forward to waiting the next 45 days and watching how the stock reacts up until D-Day. GTHP deserves credit for all they have accomplished. Hopefully, both shareholders and the company will be rewarded soon.


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