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  • usma1992 usma1992 Jul 9, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Completely miffed... by the overhead pressure on this stock...

    They received funding...dilution is accounted for...they don't need money for the foreseeable future and they have enough backlog to get them to cash flow positive. And it is in an extremely hot area...with and FDA decision pending...

    The risk /reward here is off the charts in our favor... why not just hold on...Why sell at this point? I don't get it.

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    • Perhaps no one believes in management. I'm sick of hearing about cash flow positive. Show me sales and revenues and i'll believe it. I don't think this company will go anywhere without FDA approval and clearly, not everyone thinks that is going to happen after the debacle of last year. Don't you ever wonder why all the smart investors out there aren't buying into GTHP? I surely do. I've learned to not hold through catalyst anymore, as you get burned much more often than not. See GTHP January of 2012. I'd buy after approval and dilution has occurred.

    • USMA, I feel the same way. After the news about sales from Turkey and the update from the company it is amazing how poorly GTHP is trading. The bid size is tiny while it seems there are always 10,000 shares at the ask. I would think GTHP would be trading closer to 80 cents ahead of FDA. As you know, I got so frustrated that I reduced from 35,000 shares to 25,000 shares mostly at 74 cents a couple weeks ago. I plan to hold the rest because at this point I view the downside 45-50 cents and the upside $2-$3. Unless info gets leaked about FDA news this stock is dead on the water between 68 cents and 74 cents. I really do not understand it either. We had 3 positives catalyst that made me want to hold. 1. News about $3mm sales from Turkey, 2. Update from the company about FDA, and 3. Gynecologic Oncology article. I understand people selling at 73-74 cents a couple weeks ago like it did out of frustration and fear about the replacement parts while we did not hear from the company or FDA. However at this point I am surprised how poorly the stock is performing. All I can think is a mutual fund deciding to sale the shares. The timing just seems weird unless they know something we do not.

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      • "All I can think is a mutual fund deciding to sale the shares."

        hey...come here so i can slap some sense into you. mutual funds don't hold otc's trading at $0.70.

        the funny thing is, when you claimed to sell 5k shares that day at $0.73/0.74, im pretty sure the volume was only around a few hundred shares at those levels. i call bs on your bs.

      • Edfiggy.....your posts are one of the reasons I try to stay off of most message boards. You are in...then you are out...then in...then out...then spouting nonsense about Mutual Funds selling shares. This stock can't be held by most funds. Morningstar shows the largest institutional investor as of 3/31/13 to be Van Eck Multi-Manager Alternatives A and they only hold 28,960 shares. The largest institutional investor is Genesis Capital, LLC and they only hold 33K shares. My suggestion to SPY and leave the trading to others.

        GTHP is not widely held...and will not be widely held until it is listed on a major exchange and is listed at at least $2.00 per share (more likely $3 or $4) if it meets other listing requirements. This isnt happening anytime soon. Some OTC companies obsess about getting the detriment of running the company properly. The management here seems to be headed in the right direction...get revenues going...get right with the FDA...and the stock price...and listing will take care of itself...unless they are bought out.

        Take a chill pill and quit worrying about the day to day fluctuations. Go on vacation...or take something!

        Sentiment: Buy

    • OK... haven't traded for years...and when I did I used Level II quotes..I'll take your guidance, but it is still a little frustrating to watch.

    • Son of a Hoser, I wrote a long, detailed, exampled reply and yazoo ate it, the suckers.
      Bottom line: Don't trade off L2, lot of tricks, don't take it seriously, not useful to predict share price, support/resistance/supply/demand

    • I agree with your analyses.I wonder if the company or companies that will be harmed by this new technology have any thing to do with the hold up?

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