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  • holycowitsterrific holycowitsterrific Feb 20, 2014 1:30 PM Flag

    weak hands selling again

    Looks like some traders are bailing since the GTHP is stuck in a range. That's ok, more
    for us longs to buy so when Luviva does come around and is approved, we'll be here to collect the bounty. GL longs

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    • To be honest with you I am getting frustrated with GTHP. The current range is mostly from 54 cents to 58 cents. Ton of selling above 57.5 cents. We will see the earnings report in late March. I hope we see some good news so we can move above 62-63 cents. The company has not even submitted a response to the FDA yet. Why are we taking so freaking long! Bottom line, we are looking at dead money for the next 6 months. I am holding because I believe in the technology, but I would be lying if I did not admit that I understand why people are giving up. Anyhow, just blowing some steam. So much potential yet we are stuck and will continue to be stuck at these levels for the foreseeable future.....

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      • Ed, the FDA is going to do what the FDA is going to do. Please do not close your eyes to the international market.
        Granted, the U.S. is the Holy Grail, but Luviva isn't just a non invasive pap smear, it's something that returns money to the health care system. The isn't as concerned with saving money as the rest of the world. With dwindling resources and an ever widening need for diagnostic care, GTHP is doing all the right things.
        The FDA is going to get settled when the Company has a face to face with the FDA to answer all their questions. They are trying to do that as we write.
        Mexico is a perfect example where Luviva would be embraced. The largest cause of death among child age bearing women in Mexico is cervical cancer. They have a rather robust under served population wouldn't you say?
        You feel free to do whatever you like, I'm just trying to wrap my arms around why Cartwright made the move. He gets the bulk of his stock options if the stock manages to hit $1.50 and subsequently $2.50 (and hold those prices for 30 days). I'm hanging tough and certainly looking to buy more.
        Hey Ed, email me if you like at my name @yahoo. I'll tell you what I did and why I think what I think about GTHP. It's something that no one probably thought of doing and it did convince me that it's probably as good (if not better) than what you might have thought.

    • Remember cow, this is a lot more to GTHP than U.S. approval. I expect to hear something about Mexico or soem other developing Country before I hear about the FDA. Other than to announce that they will get a face to face with the FDA which I believe their entitled to.

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      • I know now gme for I've done some more study on GTHP and I now see that it's really more important to get approvals around the world for Luviva because of the stronger need for it. Eventually, it will get approved over here in the US but I am liking this company more and more by the day especially now that the big Gene is here as ceo. GL my friend

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