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  • beaten_down_2000 beaten_down_2000 Jun 22, 2000 3:01 PM Flag

    interesting responses

    This will be my last post. It is obvious that
    those of you who have valid concerns with the company
    would prefer to continue believing what you know to be

    For those who are disguntled investors of Merant but
    not employees, perhaps in addition to healthy
    conversation here you should let your opinions be heard
    through investor relations.

    For those who are
    employees of Merant, perhaps you should speak with your
    superior and act professionally and responsibly. "A person
    who does not believe in the company or dwells on the
    negative is of no use to anyone". I am unaware of college
    kids, plently of college graduates however, who are
    doing the selling of the products and the only ones
    bringing in revenue.

    Have a good day.

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    • Mattlyn,

      What kinda #'s are you talking
      about for Dimensions vs. CC? My understanding was that
      CC was the leader by far.

      Also, what
      Dimensions functionality are you referring to that makes it
      superior to CC?


    • Deadhead,

      You are using old information.
      Talk # installed seats, functionality, or revenue, the
      PVCS suite of tools beats CC. Look at PVCS Dimensions
      versus CC and you will see functionality that RATL is
      nowhere close to matching. It is CC that is old
      technology. I agree about the stock and the


    • and no I do not work for RATL nor have I shorted
      MRNT. But reality is reality. RATL & MRNT go up against
      each other on alot of occasions. The overlap is
      obvious. Hypers on this board need to realize the reality.
      If a shop has the $ it's ClearCase if the budget is
      confined its PVCS. As SCM becomes a requirement shops will
      make sure it is a requirement and not a "wish" this is
      where RATL will dominate

    • Let the Rational thing go.

      ClearCase is
      the dollar volume leader in the SCM space, but PVCS
      continues to lead in the number of licences. It's a
      question of the relative complexity of the products. PVCS
      is more appropriate for a lot of shops.

      raise a good point when you ask about what role SCM
      will play in the IT world. An increasing one, I say. I
      also predict that issue tracking and SCM will become a
      single requirement, filled by a single tool.
      why ClearQuest and ClearCase are sold bundled; and
      PVCS Dimensions will continue strong

      With this in mind, Merant and Rational have an
      opportunity to outstrip all the other players, including
      SRNA, SBAS, CNSW, etc etc. They have not yet recognized
      the new paradigm.

      But the stock market hasn't
      seen it either, not yet. Rational is better managed,
      with way better PR and relations with the Street.
      Serena, despite its recent hiccough, is another darling.
      The other companies are also-rans. There may be some
      upside surprises, so I stay in them, as I do MRNT. I am
      out of RATL, because I think it's oversold, but I am
      often wrong.

      On the topic of Merant, it's been
      dead money for five years overall, but it has had some
      nice peaks. We're at a long term low, which I think
      provides an opportunity. I'll replace some of my high
      priced shares between now and the end of the year, and
      see what happens.

      Deadhead, just remember that
      there is room in the marketplace for more than one
      player. I don't understand your bashing MRNT to play up
      RATL, unless you're short MRNT. Bashing MRNT on a chat
      board does not help your holding in RATL (or your
      employment with RATL, if that's the case).


    • Interesting that one of the conclusions of the
      Bain report GG commissioned was that it should be a
      simple strategy excellently executed. Huh!

      entity that was MIFGY has gone and cannot sensibly be
      resurrected. Our hope is that MERANT management can find a way
      for the Egility based strategy to work and some of
      the synergies you would have expected from the merger
      will appear. But to do this Greenfield must go and the
      replacement must value and exploit the intellectual capital
      available to them in the ruins of MF.

      Still if the
      dissatisfaction mounts, staff continue to bale and shareholders
      push then GG might be ousted and we can begin to
      rebuild our investment.

    • The numbers I've heard are more dismal than that,
      cnotes. MIFGY originally employed ~700 worldwide. There
      are about 200 left. Of those, many if not most are
      working on projects unrelated to the MIFGY side. A
      quarterly layoff and transfer is the norm now, as that's
      what's happened for almost the past year. Keep in mind
      that this was the merger that was touted as "the
      perfect fit".

      It's time for a good change. The
      idea may be good, but it's execution couldn't be

    • I know for a fact that there is only 60 people
      (from 250) left in Mt. View. All the real intellegent
      people have left or leaving. Merant might make their
      street estimates, but only for the plain and simple
      fact, they've cut their payroll severely. Buffy the
      Vampire Slayer is known for her mole work in taking
      companies over. Micro Focus screwed up when they hired her.
      She was the one who dealt with the Intersolv buy out.
      She's the one that steered Micro Focus in the wrong
      direction. She was Gary's little girl who sold Micro Focus
      out. There are only three kinds of people that have
      good things to say about Merant; The ones that came on
      board during the merger; The ones who were Intersolv
      employees, and the complete idiots that are still there.

    • inferior product to ClearCase. While RATL was
      integrating the Suites ClearCase was the constant $ machine
      and still is. Market leader for SCM is ClearCase.
      While PVCS still is good and produces revenue it is not
      the market leader....the stock is an indication of
      the co and the CEO......flat

    • A BIG 25K share buy just went through

      MRNT is now UP 1/2 to 11 1/4

      Something good is happening for a change


    • sadly though he's not really even milking the
      COBOL cow. It is, to mix my metaphors, festerig

      It MUST be possible to get a dynamic strategy that
      drives Egility and its future AND makes the most of the
      very lucrative COBOL biz.

      Of course the COBOL
      biz didn't belong to Intersolv...

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