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  • spiceykit spiceykit Jan 17, 2011 2:39 PM Flag

    to talk about REE as a real enterprise is hilarious

    If ree is going down to zero, You guys are all going to be millionaires... Wow. I say you guys will get fleeced when the bad boys pushes ree to 20, then 25. Everyone knows that stock price can be distorted for long period of time. Just ask those who shorted bidu.

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    • I understand your being defensive as you're long. Consider that due to a lack of inventory, most shorts are positioned via being long puts and have a fixed cost, whereas longs own the stock outright and at much greater cost (margin, more capital at risk). If I lose on my puts, I have a fixed loss, but longs are holding shares on margin, and, well, all I can say is I wouldn't want to have all my capital up in something so speculative as REE...too much risk!!! Yet, there are those that are in this with their life savings saying to themselves, "This is the one, I deserve it. I'm gonna final hit it big." only to lose it all. Sad.

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      • Ree will close15+ this Friday... Some shorts will just close their put position and take a small lost... But unfortunately some will get brave and exercise their options, in fact ree shares will be shorted in their account... At which point, your liability will be infinite... Whereas with my shares... I know what I can lose. News out today, ree traded up 3% in Vancouver today... Shorts will run over each other to book their profits tomorrow. Don't be greedy... Cover asap or get stuck.

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