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  • choutony choutony Mar 9, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    this scam has to disappear

    in one year.

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    • Chou, I have no idea why anybody that even took a few minutes to study it.. Would have ever got caught in this stk!!! It seems a few slick Canadian bought a worthless mine... And all they do is produce feasibility studies... Hey they are making a pretty good buck.. They still got $40M... Bottom line: After all these yrs.. All investors have got is feasibility studies!!! If you read there last ER... This is an exploritory Co that produced no revenues... But as they are obviously paying themselves upwards of $10M per qtr.... I think your guestimate of when this scam will be over is about right!!! BTW: This bunch made thier fortune when China got everybody excited about rare earth and it went up to $18. a shr..... All the canadians I ever met I liked... But they do bear watching!!!!!

    • You spammer also will disappear soon

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      • Spammer, my a--, This Co after burning millions of investors money over the yrs, has never produced one penny in revenues!!!! How long will people keep buying a stk, that all they get is feasibility reports??? Bottom line: They ain't never had anything worth mining!!! But when you are talking about gold... People will get a little crazy!!! And then when people heard about rare earth!!! What a wind fall for the ones running this scam!!!! What a name for a Co????? I suggest, anybody that thinks there is any value here.... Start watching Gold Rush on TV!!!! At least they are mining gold!!! And if all the millions that has been lost on this stk, with a promise of mining something.. Would have been invested in Alaska.. You may could have made a good investment.... Bottom line: I think... If you ever invested in this stk.. You were sold a bunch of BS!!!!!

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