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  • juststeve55 juststeve55 Jan 30, 2014 10:44 PM Flag

    soon there will be a surprise move

    based solely on TA. i have mine, but i thought this move north would have been a month ago. TA isnt perfect, but its close enough for me. have a good one soon

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    • I'm sure you aren't using the TA that I am, but I am in 100% agreement on all counts.
      Now if I could understand all the days with no trading volume I would feel better.
      Now I am not a fundamental analyst at all, but given what this company is trying to
      do on weight control issues, and looking around at any mall or large gathering of people you have got to believe that even a small in- road into this area could have
      enormous price potential.

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      • hello 2000, I find it funny that a lot of folks using TA argue that mine is better than yours and so, i just think after awhile one becomes so used to their TA they can read the tea leaves. that said, those days of no trade... there is no way i know to judge how many folks are sitting out there just waiting for "THE SIGN" to get into. i know i have waited for several weeks or more just waiting, and waiting till i felt comfortable to make the buy. I know i have watched daily and wondered WHO is sitting out there? any ideas

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