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  • elle_cid99 elle_cid99 Mar 1, 2012 4:51 PM Flag

    France Telecom 8% below!!! -23% this year!!!

    French election in April is a lid on this stock. The "suicide" issue makes cost cutting difficult. Just pray Hollende doesn't win. Quelle disastre.

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    • I too have expressed fears about Hollande here. Nevertheless, I well recall when another Socialist (Mitterand) was elected and had similar proposals to soak the rich. Within a year he was forced to backtrack (Rothschild and others picked up and left) and he became plus capitaliste que les capitalistes. If Hollande wins big we're in trouble (he has recently proposed a 75% marginal tax rate over 1M euro/year for French citizens and I hardly think he'll be kinder to foreign owners of shares). If he scrapes by, less so. Sarkozy/Hollande gap is narrowing, might be a contest.

      PS it's Hollande, and it's d├ęsastre, and they're both masculine!