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  • tedd222 tedd222 Feb 21, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Assays and Mexico and stuff

    The stock comes up with a decent report and it still gets hit. Welcome to my portfolio. It has been wondered if some sort of independent assay wouldn't be a good idea, and it seems the local assays aren't great when there is antimony in the mix and sending ore to the US for analysis has a cost factor, so we will have to trust the powers that be. Management is frugal if it is anything. Likewise, there has been lose ore tossed in vs only purely. freshly mined ore so that dillutes the assay. No one really knows where the loose ore came from or if it may have been cheery picked earlier. There is also a discussion of another Mexican open house, and I will likely join that again. I am hanging in there. Certainly today there were more sellers than buyers

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    • Too much instability and price volatility. Glad I only have 1,000 shares. I don't have to sell.

    • john_nord Mar 8, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

      Hi Ted, My personal take on this thinly traded stock is the trading floor for us owners has enough room, we could pace back and forth to stay in shape. You know we have the time. Don't expect a crowd until someone flashes some money. The frugal manager is our best ally. Other miners spent for development on 'credit and selling shares' and left owners short. So, now they are in pain trying to get through this time. This manager says if the mine makes money they might spend a bit to get a certification on ore body, but that means a couple years from now. I hope you all stay calm. If the analysis from processing the excation material was too rosey, it would create too many risks. Just my thought. The old letters are suggesting numbers 10 times higher. So, we have to see what they find when working it. I'm so interested to see what next year holds, They may well have some really good news in the mix by then.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The entire mining sector seems to be having a hard time. Again, considering the down stream consumables that require ATO or Sb metal- nothing is happening. That the management is frugal and that they have been around for a rather long time is good news in what we can see is a trying consolidation period. When the economy starts to pick up, it is hard to see how this company does not do well.

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