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  • dallasva dallasva Jan 9, 2001 4:23 PM Flag

    No one is challenging me on earnings

    Well I put a challenge out there to anybody who
    thought macr's pe was too high. No one took just like I
    suspected because they knew they would lose. They would
    also lose credibility on this board and would have
    short this stock under a new name. Earnings are

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    • I will challenge you that earnings are not going to be spectacular and will not result in an automatic 20% shoot up. MACR will meet earnings or beat by a penny at best. Would you agree??

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      • No I don't agree. I really do believe they will
        beat estimates by more then a penny. I was thinking
        they will beat earnings by three cents. Actually if
        your right and macr meets or beats estimates by only a
        penny I will be very surprise to see the stock move
        up... If macr doesn't beat the street by 3 cents I will
        second guess by investment in the company. On a side
        note I don't think I said the stock would
        automatically shoot up 20% and if I did write that I
        apologize.... I don't try to hype stocks.

      • Earnings don't mean jack anymore. This market
        about anticipation and momentum.

        Here's a new
        'challenge' - No matter what earnings are (beat the street or
        fall short), MACR loses at least 10%. More if they

        IF MACR doesn't lose at least 10% the trading day of
        earnings (the following day if MACR releases after hours),
        then I will take back this message and admit to all
        you longs I was wrong.