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  • kg2931 kg2931 Dec 18, 2003 1:16 PM Flag

    Reasons to Hold INAP

    I'm getting discouraged sitting on this nest watching 2 - 3 cents movement per day. My cost basis is now 2.25. Only thing I'm holding and waiting on now is for the new yr rally, EOYr is dead already. There's so many other more visible stocks to chose from right now. Our money's trapped sitting on INAP now. I could use some encouragement as to why and how long to wait on INAP. (buy n holdsters need not respond)

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    • This stock takes patience. Before Nov it would do what it is now for weeks. Flat and low volume. Then suddenly we would have a 30% price spike. Happened more than 3 times. I held through those spikes. Sometimes I wish I should of swing traded them.

      But I think todays conditions are different now. inap is going fcf. It will be interesting to see how many preferred shares have been sold this Q. Also, it will be interesting to see how netvmg and sockeye effect the bottom line. So, fundamental conditions are changing.

      I'd really hold or buy. I think this month and Jan is going to be interesting. Compare the volumes after Nov to before. I think that is a good indicator.

      Calm before the storm.

      I'm an optomist. All disclaimers apply.

    • "buy and holdsters neep not reply"
      yet you are asking for reasons to hold.

      Sounds like you want reasons to hold from those that are not buy and holdsters.

      If you feel your money is trapped then you probably have a position size issue. Scale back and get comfy with holding. You will make a good return by early spring, imho.

    • Seems to me alot of times stocks like INAP that have good news and the price doesn't move much are under accumulation. INAP moves in waves. IT flew up towards $2.60 where i sold on the last run but watching the past few days at this level it's firming up and you'll see a movement back towards your $2.25 at any time now.

      The chart is still bullish and INAP is holding all of its moving averages. Why would you sell now??? I'd be a buyer here. MIZ.

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      • From a technical analysis play:
        1) the primary long term trend is up.
        2) I am seeing very heavy institutional buying.
        3) Recent break out on HEAVY volume to the upside. (Even these recent Light volume days are higher than the old high volume days)
        Heavy volume like this with a break out to the upside can only mean= INSTITUTIONAL BUYING.
        From the fundamentals:
        1)Will have FCF this month.
        2)increasing in revenues
        3)little debt
        I don't really understand what or how their products work. Nor do I care too.
        I am from the school of supply and demand. Good fundamentals will cause instituitional buying (demand) to cause the stock to go up. If prices go up someone who owns it lower will be more likely to sell creating (SUPPLY). Seeing how there are only xxx amount of shares in the float (TRADABLE STOCK)
        More often than not, I usually will come across a good pattern ( technically) that will clue me into checking out the fundamentals. Either way, I think you're sitting pretty at $2.25. It may help not to look at the stock tick by tick, but rather day by day. Notice the volume has picked up tremendously. Knowing what that means may help you have the confidence to just HOLD.
        I really do think $5.00 from here is a real short term possibilty. As far as going higher, I can't tell from this level, at least not yet....

      • I'm not advocating selling here and I bought some more too last week at $2.00. I didn't pull the plug like I shoulda coulda and that last 2.55 wave, kicking myself now, just looking for encouragement to wait - thank you.

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