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  • goossest goossest Jan 14, 2004 9:47 AM Flag

    What's panic

    Panic is what we saw yesterday and a little bit today.
    People forget how the company was before the news came out. Not wanting to see that the company didn't changed and is still strong.
    This are the moments to buy shares.

    A company that is FCF and raise some money. They know what they want. This company is solid and management didn't screw up, they didn't do the r/s. !!!!

    Nice trading

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    • Don't give a hoot if MSFT, IBM, JNJ or the President of the United States is trading on the frigin AMEX!

      We're losing the NASDAQ and INAP's not telling us what the screw up is!

    • <<This company is solid and management didn't screw up, they didn't do the r/s. !!!!>>

      There is divided opinion about the wisdom of not doing the R/S. Some are very happy that they didn't, others disappointed.

      Personally, I wouldn't point to that as the best example of solid management not screwing up. In particular, their communication (or rather their lack of communication) about a R/S was poorly handled.

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      • I'm not telling that not doing the r/s was the best example. It's just telling that they know who didn't let them down in the hard days. It's easy to do a r/s, but who's hurt the most ??? IMO, just the people who're supporting you the most.

        The IR could have done a lot of things better, but management is the most important thing. To reverse a cash-burning company into a FCF-company, isn't that obvious.

    • Yeah, and that's why INAP's being forced from the NASDAQ! What a cheerleader!

      OK, so I change my tune/my standard line from how much does INAP pay you to:

      how many INAP shrs are you sitting on at what cost basis? That ought to call all of your hands on this senseless cheerleading at a time like this.

    • Agreed, but unless you are a dedicatd long like many on this board and really know this company's story, its easy to panic. That's why it's so important to really research and understand a company you are invested in. None of the fundamentals or the long term positive trends that we've discussed on this baord have changed. This will be a momentary blip in what is an upwards trend. Happened recently when the preferred's dumped. I picked up shares at $1 when that happened.

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      • Nice name, I would like to do the same.

        I believe in INAP and the strategy they're following. And I think this kind of "games" are good.
        Knowing about the company, the "games" of the stock, etc. is what a real investor needs to know. I'm sure that this stock will be at double digits soon. If they can have contracts with At&T and Sprint, then they will have a nice incomming cash position.

        That's it. This company is still the same as yesterday morning, when everybody was paying $2.6-$2.7 for this stock. The dilution would be a dilution when the cash was burned, but when it's used to bring new contracts or to acquire new companies, then this isn't a dilution but a strategic issue. We mayby dilute by 20%, but the price will increase 200% ??? Who knows.

        Have a nice day. It's always a good feeling to know that still a lot of people are having brains and using it.

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