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  • bohr00 bohr00 Feb 26, 2004 4:06 AM Flag

    This has gone out of control

    Lets say roughly $25 Mio. would be "lost" on the offering in relation to what was expected. At the same time it has caused the value of IIP to drop some $250 Mio. (10 times more). This is insane. Further, nothing has changed except that, seeing the road show material, things looks much better than ever. This company just turned FCF positive and look at this mesh. Its shameful to Internap's management, its embarrassing for the moral of the funding companies (price manipulation etc. what happened to all this Corporate America and ethics) and finally it is a tragedy to honest long shareholders and believers in Internap. I for sure hope it will correct today as a very good company just got trashed very badly.

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    • Oh okay, yeah, you got me, I "act" on what I read on message boards by posting a post from time to time, yeah, got me. Wow, you must be a riot at the dinner table playing semantics like that.

      For me, I don't care about his predictions.

      You just don't get it, do you?

      Ok, cya later, current IIP owners have much more to do right now with this new "pricing" than mess with me who was originally trying to make a very simple statement. Have a good day and good luck.

      And to noone in particular: stop the pumping, and be careful with your predictions. Point being, there ARE impressionable types out there and although you will never see them face to face, you can have a financial impact on them. And if you say they are idiots for ever reading a message board and acting on a frenzied hyped up board sentiment one day and it serves them right if they lose their shirts... then you are an uncaring insensitive part of this world's problems, not part of the solution.

      And all that last was said to noone in particular.


    • Why do you care about his predictions? You do not act on what you read on message boards.

    • Do you charge for your predictions, or they free? Depending on your answer.... are your predictions worth anything?

      Do your predictions come with any comprehensive guarantees?

      Why do you make predictions? What if you turn out to be wrong?

      Just curious.

    • Post a link please... I see nothing on my real time news stream...

    • <I just made a few comments about hyping pumpsters.>

      Ok then, which hyping pumpsters would that be?

    • Internap prices 35 mln share offering at $1.50 (IIP) 1.70:

    • Too old, you know, that was my only point with my original post that was not addressed to anyone in particular.

      Stop the pumping.

      It's always interesting to post a post like I did, on a board where pumping has run rampant, and then wait a sec and see who barks the loudest.

      In this case, netveneer did.

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