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  • kg2931 kg2931 Mar 8, 2004 1:26 PM Flag

    IIP Newcomers - thinkin about buying

    IIP newcomers, wannabee investors, simply checking it out...please do not let the follwing cheerleaders influence your buying n selling decisions on IIP. They live on this bd by the minute, hour, day, week after week. Some, if not all, are no doubt paid to hype or at minimum are consistently bullish biased based on their own IIP position bought years ago at very low cost basis. Oh yeah, and when all else fails, they like to play the "I'm a long term investor" game. Go back over last three months and their Agenda & tactics will be revealed. So will mine which is quite simply trendtrader stuck holding 10K IIP @ $2.25 since December 2003.

    Few others

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    • <<So will mine which is quite simply trendtrader stuck holding 10K IIP @ $2.25 since December 2003.>>

      Why are you so mad? Stuck with another stock on your trend trading today?


    • <<...So will mine which is quite simply trendtrader stuck holding 10K IIP @ $2.25 since December 2003.>>

      So now I know that you are...trendtrader! Well, a good trendtrader would sell and move on. IIP might stuck at this share price level for years! Who knows!

    • Maybe 1.75. Just a guess, but maybe lowere. Institutions are also just guys like us. I do not like the short term look of the whole market.

    • pivotpoint--- What do you think is the bottom? Also, when do you think they will be free cash flow positive? My friend tells me that Free cash flow is the first thing institutions loof for. Waiting for your reply. tia

    • Wait until it drops to the bottom here.

    • I know virtually nothing about TA and so I leave those predictions to arch/le/kick and many others that are very adept at TA trends.

      Fundamentally this stock should be around $2. So IMO until they provide additional guidance increasing 2004 estimates or showing significant growth in 2005, the fundamental value of the stock will be at that level.

    • seems to read just fine....hmmm just a snipit

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      **other information not posted for mb**

    • kg2931--- You are like a lawyer who goes to court without having the facts. If you go back 1 year or more , you will find these so called cheerleaders, especially solara222 posting how he felt IIP was fairly valued at 1.50 then. In fact he took some heat over it, being accused of selling short. Anyways ---you bought at 2.25 and are angry at us because you felt we pumped the stock. I made one buy at 82 cents and saw this stock fall to 12 cents. Grow up and be a man. You are such a whining pain in the ass. Take your small loss and get the hell off this board.

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      • fudgepuss,

        There are vets that stay on this bd every minute, every day, every week just to protect their own position bought in the penney's over a year ago. I don't make it my business to keep tract of exactly who's who and doing what but my message of caution to newcomers has been crystal clear and correct for months now. And my challenge to certain Vets on this bd now re how wrong they have been to bash me for IIP disasters that I have been right about seeing coming all along, are not "whining" and have nothing to do with my 'manhood'. Why don't you play fair fudgepuss?! IS this the best you can do?! My own position in IIP(INAP)and my agenda has been clearly stated on this board numerous times. I could have sold anytime in the last 2 - 3 months and made quite a lot, a little or at worst lost very little.
        Take your huge gain, resign from cheerleading squad, get the hell off this board every minute, every day, every week and GET A LIFE FUDGEPUSS!

    • No problem, I can take the heat.... 'nuff said... I actualy do not own the stock currently, but as customer for over 4 years now, I still have alot of interest in how things are going here, and know for a fact the Inap/Iip offering is superior to their competitors so I have no real worries in the bigger picture. Quality service, brings quality customers, and keeps loyal customers happy. We may not be their biggest customer, but then again, not the smallest either...and yes I have been here since below .15, to be exact .131.. Good day good trading all, I will try and watch the stock to see if I can get a better feel for the bottom, until then, my last post is not too far off...

    • Besides, I think we have to wait until the end of the year to see revenue growth due to the one year duration of contracts combined with they mentioned stable prices just before Christmas.

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