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  • deanlwwhite deanlwwhite Mar 2, 2010 3:44 AM Flag

    quick analysis: looking for help

    a very quick look at this: incredible growth expectations, great market position, enviable cash flows, liquidity ratios most companies would die for, including a preposterous 170 Million dollar cash position with basically no debt.

    can someone explain why they are at 17. i'm not being funny: i have no rational explanation.

    i read the "price pressure" article and its obtuse. nobody mentioned the insane upside from the move away from voice to DATA that will actually HELP TNDM overall longterm.

    trying not to call the analysts a bunch of momma's boys out of ivy league schools that don't know sheeeet, but....

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    • I'm having a good laugh(with you, not at you) at this post because your line of thought EXACTLY follows mine when I started studying TNDM earlier in the year.

      When the price action is this dramatically opposed to the apparent fundamentals, one can sometimes "out-think" what should be a quick decision which, in this case, would be to buy and buy heavily.

      "Hi, my name is ahscarb and I'm a habitual over-thinker." :-)

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      • LOL. exactly...i'm looking, doing the usual DD, then a deeper DD, then more and more obsessive qualitative stuff on top of it, and STILL thinking...WHAT am i MISSING?

        you nailed the point straight on. you end up over-thinking it, right? sometimes there really are just those opportunities you come across where things have been driven down too low too fast based on nothing, and i strongly feel that's the case here. i see us returning to the 23-25 range or close to it.

    • The only rational explanation is fear/panic. Warren Buffet became Warren Buffet investing in companies like this at these prices.

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