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  • a_zitnay a_zitnay Oct 26, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    insider buying by Dr Traber

    now has skin in the game climb aboard for the ride

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The bottom line here is that the stock is starting to move having defended the $1.70 dollar area on a weekly closing basis. This seems like a nice double bottom support formation and as long as that holds and the market stays stable things could get interesting despite any minor insider buying...

      Here are SOME other stocks investors missed when they started moving a few months back; NTE, DDD, SHW, SIRI, PHM, V, CVI, CONN, PSX and TASR just to mention a few...

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    • 10,000 shares - I've got more skin than that, but I suppose it is a start. It is always baffling to me when CEO's make small market purchases - I can't imagine CEO believes that investors would look at a $20,000 investment by the CEO as some kind of sign of commitment? He has plenty of options, but they have exercise prices around $7 per share, so maybe he is looking to make a little something along the way to that price?

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      • Dr. Traber has certainly purchased an amount of stock commisserate with his situation. He has a certain amount of personal overhead. We all have family that we must support, before we can support the company that employs us. Dr. Traber has college age children, a child with his current flame, and the progeny that came with his current romantic association. It is amazing that he can afford to invest the amount that he has invested. If GALT could pay him as Baylor College of Medicine did, we would expect a MUCH GREATER PERSONAL INVESTMENT.

        GALT pays him well enough as the CEO of a start up company. One must be concerned that Dr. Traber has knowledge of events about to transpire. Does he know something that is going to affect the market value of the stock? Should we be buying or selling our stock?

        Myself, I think I might purchase for the short term.

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