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  • smitht583 smitht583 Jan 9, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    The videos on Youtube that feature the President/CEO

    I personally find these videos reprehensible as an executive of a company. It is one thing if this were a fun tech start-up, but there is a different image that needs to be portrayed. If Dr. Traber made a fun video for the employees of the organization that helped boost morale and showed a fun side, then fine. This is not one of those videos. There is nothing wrong with showing your family off to the world and being proud of you new marriage. There is a line that is crossed when the content of the video displays strong narcissism and a general "rich guy" mentality that the public and investors will find immature and unprofessional. Enough has happened with this company within the last year for the board to allow Dr. Traber to post a video to Youtube that has thousands of views and found local coverage by a news outlet in Texas. After Dr. Traber came on here and responded to the dredges of the message board, I thought it could not get any worse. The current leadership obviously does not understand anything about running a business.

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    • "After Dr. Traber came on here and responded to the dredges of the message board, I thought it could not get any worse." That dredge was me. What Dr. Traber responded to was not an unfounded allegation. GALT was recycling evidence of efficacy from drug to drug. If anyone here is invested because they "believe in the science" then seeing this company caught in another misleading (at best) or deceitful (not unlikely) practice should give them pause.

    • hmmm....let's get right to the bottom line.....are you or have you sold all your stock? And I want to see PROOF, that you have in fact SOLD.......we can meet here in Arizona, you name the time & place because I don't believe you have SOLD & wonder WHY you even bothered to post this topic IF you haven't or don't plann to SELL.

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      • Where in there does it say I am going to sell? I am not trying to get into a #$%$ match with the typical message board fanatic. I believe in the science above the management and board, but they do have an effect on the reputation and public image of the organization. I posted this topic because unfortunately, this is where you can reach the largest amount of shareholders. They should know that actions like that can be detrimental to a company who have struggled in the last year. The negotiation for the financing was a wreck, the reverse split did nothing good for the stock, the company arbitrarily moves to Atlanta, and they planned this big reverse split with no noteworthy news to back it up. I am a concerned share holder that wants the company to succeed. If no one says anything about the small things, then big mistakes are on the horizon. It is called accountability, and the board has a duty to act in the best interest of the shareholder, not their dancing CEO. You sound like a perfect candidate for the current board of the company: incompetent, impulsive, and immature. Great rebuttal to a serious issue, thanks for arguing with emotion over logic, the world sure needs more of that these days.

    • And there goes our "investment" right down the toilet.

      BTW, "dredges" is way too nice a description for the trash on this message board.

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