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  • sheikhamaniac sheikhamaniac Feb 9, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Red Chip Review Link

    Anyone have the red chip review link?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The presentation was solid. There is no denying the before and after picture of the liver. Seems like people are sitting up and taking notice. They could be dosing people this quarter! - that is exciting. The safety study will be all but a formality of collecting and reporting data. It will take a while but the drug is still a carbohydrate with NO toxic profile. So there is almost no bar to jump over to get to the phase II part of efficacy. My point is a positive phase I is almost a given. That doesnt seem baked into the stock price here. So further upside is possible. We are talking about a drug that could easily do a Billion a year in sales. Whats the market cap now? What is a realistic marketcap for a Phase III cancer company which is what we are plus a Fibrosis drug targetting largest unmet need patient population . A minimum of $300 mil. That is a $20 stock price - why are we trading here?

      There no longer seems to be a reason to wait to buy the stock. Now there are reasons to simply buy the stock now and speculate before results come out.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yahoo no longer allows links. Google Redchip and open their site. Select TV from the red banner. Press the "CEO TV Interviews" button. You should see it there. Come back and tell us what you think.

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      • After watching the video interview of Mr. Czirr, as interviewed by RedChip, I am amazed that someone has not the Federal Trade Commission. The current investor pool is to have their stock devalued by the sale of more stock to supplement the lagging financial pool that GALT has available to draw upon for the corporate salaries.

        To call Dr. Traber a lead research scientist is almost laughable. He has been an administrative drone or years. His specialty is public relations, make the money people feel like the entity that he represents is of value. It is unfortunate that this skill seems to be under developed of late and that GALT feels the need to pay a company like RedChip to build the company image and enroll more investors. With that being said, why do we need Dr. Traber?

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