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  • lasermn lasermn Apr 24, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    Dismayed, Surprised, hard to believe/understand

    I, genuinely, anticipated this week leading up to the Liver Conference in Amsterdam would have resulted in ABOVE average daily volume....not so! I guess we'll all know by this time next week whether GALT's presentation is a non-event, or a catalyst to higher stock prices (meaning North of $5.00). Is this week the calm BEFORE the storm?.....meaning a change in stock price of + or - $1.50?

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    • I think your question was answered today with all the volume. I would also note the chatter on this board is at a minimum considering the volume. The only posters contributing seem to be the negative bashers. I have no desire to feed their thirst for dialogue by myself. If there were enough people interested I was going to host a different board - there was no interest - so sorry you are on your own. I did correctly call the outcome of this conference significant. The result happens to be a sea change in sentiment. So that is the good news for any longs.

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      • I have most of the Trolls on my IGNORE list which removes a lot of clutter.
        However, we share different opinions of Ernie; I've NEVER thought of him or considered him a BASHER. I've always found his replies to be thoughtful & informative. I may not agree with everything Ernie says, but he is polite & doesn't try to force me or anyone into accepting or rejecting his notions.

        I was really happy to see all the volume today; someone must have said something interesting at the conference.

        How long does GALT have to be above $5,00 a share before Fund Managers can legally start buying GALT?.

    • I don't think you should be dismayed, it's all preclinical data being presented this week although some of it will be new...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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