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  • erniewerner erniewerner May 22, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    Immune system cancer drugs tipped to be a $35 bln market

    The topic above is the title of an interesting article that should be of interest to GALT shareholders. It is mostly referencing a class of drugs known as PD1 inhibitors. I've mentioned PD1 inhibitors in the past as the real competition for the Davanat cancer immunotherapy development program. The prototype for all these drugs is Yervoy, which is approved and has shown activity in about 10-20% of treated melanoma patients. The PD1 inhibitors have shown activity in about 40% of treated patients, including indications other than melanoma which is the most immunotherapy sensitive of the major cancer indications.

    One of the interesting things about the CTLA4 (Yervoy) and PD1 inhibitors is that they do not appear to work any better when combined with an antigen presenting vaccine like the GP100 vaccine developed by the Ludwig Inst. Tumor induced anergy appears to be wholely dependent on Tcell deregulation and interference with tumor recognition does not appear to play a role.

    For Davanat to be a player in the immunotherapy space, it needs to show some initial efficacy in the Ludwig trial. Every individual cancer is genetically distinct. I believe nearly all employ some form of tumor induced anergy. CTLA4, PD1, perhaps GAL3 and certainly other undiscovered pathways mediate that downregulation. GAL3 may play a role in combination with other pathways or it itself may be a primary pathway in a small portion of patients. More research needs to be done and is obviously ongoing at major pharmas to better characterize the tumor induced anergy phenomenon on a cellular level and what is really needed is a means of testing to blueprint each individual cancer and better determine the means of its particular escape mechanism(s). Using that blueprint a clinician can tailor a treatment that would block those escape pathways and make the cancer vulnerable to an individual's own immune response.

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    • I'm thinking the news can't get any better for GALT, other people have such high hopes at this contrarian thought is now is a good time to sell my stock. I figure $5.00 is a resistance level .... which equates to more downside risk than upside potential. Just my opinion.

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