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  • kswisstoday kswisstoday Nov 1, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    Decent results reported

    Inventory down to 66m, cash at 40m, current assets at 149m, total liabilities at 40m. 109m net current asset value still above $3/share and that does not include the real estate they own in California.

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    • I think they are coming back. They new designs look awesome. Thank goodness.

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      • Bashfordcapital, I didn't know that this company was Palladium with the subsidary being KSWS. I wish some one would have told me that.

        Palladim is not as versatile as you think. It is a fashion brand. That is it. Nothing more. And to see Steve Nichols praising their work while kind of mentioning that KSWS had DECREASED future orders shows how bad things are at KSWS. If KSWS was to deemphasize the brand for Palladium, then this falls back to what I said, which is KSWS should be delisted and PLDM should be listed (which means KSWS is a subsidiary to PLDM). And doing this would help to highlight the joke that KSWS has become.

        Marifry, please list what designs look awesome. As far as I see, they are nothing new and will not "rock the shoe world" that KSWS needs to get to the shelf space that it needs ot get back to above $5. (At this time, it is below $3, AGAIN!)

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    • WHAT?!?! Are you blind and deaf?!?!!

      Note what was said:
      "....Worldwide futures orders with start ship dates from October 2012 through March 2013 DECREASED (my emphasis) 8.6% to $70,003,000 at September 30, 2012, from $76,598,000 the previous year. Domestic futures orders DECREASED (my emphasis) 18.6% to $21,556,000 at September 30, 2012, from $26,494,000 the previous year. International futures orders DECREASED (my emphasis) 3.3% to $48,447,000 at September 30, 2012, from $50,104,000 the previous year.
      Steven Nichols, Chairman of the Board and President, stated, 'The third quarter results benefited from the positive contribution from our Palladium brand as well as disciplined expense and inventory controls. While we continue to gain momentum and demonstrate product innovation with the K•Swiss brand, we have yet to convert these efforts into a sustainable futures order trend.'....."

      How many quarters, or better yet, how many years has K-Swiss seen a decrease in future orders????

      Besides the emphasis I pointed out (i.e. DECREASED), look how Steve Nichols is now relying on Palladium to help K-Swiss out.

      Ahhhhhh, excuse me, but I thought Palladium was a subsidiary to K-Swiss,meaning K-Swiss was the big driving brand of this company and Palladium was a supporting actor helping K-Swiss. Appears I am wrong and that it is Palladium that drives this brand. Maybe Steve and Dave Nichols ought to change the brand listing on NASDAQ to PLDM from KSWS, and have Palladium be the driver with K-Swiss being the supporting brand......

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      • What is wrong with Palladium brand driving growth?
        Considering the versatility of the brand name Palladium, it has a lot more potential to achieve retil shelf space and revenue gains than the K-Swiss brand name.
        Actually, K-Swiss best strategy would be to deemphasize K-Swiss branded shoes and start putting company resources (product designrs, ad budget etc...) to the Palldium brand name.
        It's a shame K-Swiss dropped their "Raoya Elastics" brand name. that one, like Palldium, had more sales growth potential than the K-swiss brand name.

      • Missing point, small loss. Short interest was plus 15% and they probably are getting squeezed.

        Call at 11.