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  • zhenhua4 zhenhua4 Jul 22, 1999 5:15 PM Flag

    Not bad numbers!!

    The number is good anyway.0.58 vs 0.20.But the whisper# is 0.75.
    Oh,Man. What worries me is inventory and receivable,105% & 72% increased respectively. GOOD LUCK!

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    • I hope you listed to the various advice other posts gave saying not to short the stock! Good luck.

    • Were goin higher , should go alot higher from here and fast .

    • The institution that is selling off every morning
      seems to keep us from going up. When that stops I think
      we will start going up. Ihave been buying mbg for
      the last three days. There has been large buys at the
      ask. I bought more just before the close. There was
      100,000 shares to go there at 18 1/2. I believe that if
      this stock opens up past 18 1/2 or blows through 18
      1/2 tomorrow something is up. Won't have a feel
      untill then. I think ksws is doing just fine beacause we
      are not loosing groung and somebody is buying. I saw
      80,000 + shares trade at the 1/2 to 9/16 being long on
      the 9/16 side. Should open up.

    • Blowout earnings series, they are a good example of what should we be writing here.
      Up today again.
      Does anyone think there will be a gap up some near day?

    • the start of an uptrend, but it needs a little more time to confirm.

    • The current trend is up.

      And, I hope Mr Greenspan does the gentlemanly thing and raises the rate now instead of making everybody squirm for 2 more weeks.

    • about 2 1/2 times the May shorts. Today was
      interesting the mm is certainly making a lot of money. I was
      in the middle of his bids and ask then I lost him
      when I bought at 33 5/8 he ran it ot 34+. Someone was
      very strong on the bid today I saw size behind the bid
      for the first time on ticker and tape. Has anyone
      seen this weeks results on the top five selling shoes.

    • it appears that the sellers have dried up
      (relatively speaking). Hopefully, we will stay in a tight
      trading range this week and next. Probable too since we
      have soooo many numbers that are going to be dropped
      on us this week and next. I think after the market
      digest's Greenspans probable rate hike on the 20th, the
      market will pause then move on. I believe that the rate
      hike is already built into the market, however, most
      investors are cautious, if not pesimistic, until reality
      unfolds. I think that it will be healthy, if not critical,
      for K-Swiss to base for a couple of weeks before
      moving on to new price levels. What do you think? Should
      we all short the stock now?

      Just kidding everyone!

    • The advertising budget is mostly discretionary.
      Most advertisers adjust their ad budgets downward if
      they need to make their numbers. The ad campaigns are
      usually cancellable in full or in part at the discretion
      of the advertiser. This is usually true for local TV
      ads. However Network TV and some Cable TV is
      non-cancellable. Print ads can be pulled before the publication
      closing dates.

    • You might be right.

      Its my understanding
      they spent $0 before '97, aprox $2m in '97, about $10m
      in '98, $10m 1st half '99, and expect about another
      $10-20m for the new x-trainer campaign introduced in
      vegas last week.

      IMHO, the more adds we see on
      tv (thats good), the lower the blowout is likely to
      be in q3 and q4.

      What happens to the stock if
      they dont blow out or expectations and earnings get
      lowered to pay for tv while sales continue to skyrocket?

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