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  • howz9 howz9 Oct 4, 1999 4:19 PM Flag

    Has anyone called the company?

    Wondering if any of you have heard anything from the company that might explain today's action?

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    • use margin themselves, but they wait other
      inexperienced investors or day-traders sold their shares by
      pressure of margin call, then buy in. What I mean is
      exactly this. I didn't say experienced investors use
      margin or not. It doesn't matter. The fact Friday has
      proven me right--the price dropped back one point again
      and volume was low which means experienced investors
      have not begun to buy. When margin call finished,
      experienced investors and day-traders will buy in. I guess
      the buying in will partially begin Monday, fully
      begin Tuesday. I will re-enter then.

    • 1. The stock buyback will be a slow one...3
      years. No reason for management to hurry buying when
      everyone wants to sell thier stock to them right now. If
      you bought after april of this year you have a loss.
      200,000 shares is nothing really. It will help, but
      management is smart and will buy shares when they can move
      the price up, not when everyone will sell it to
      2. They are aware that a mistake was made with
      inventory. The pressure is on cleaning up the mess first,
      then the stock can recover on its one. Buying shares
      will improve earnings but the main problem is a soft
      3. Shorts have been right up to now. They looked
      forward and saw the problem ahead. So, look back for
      clues but look ahead for results. They are the future
      buyers now (the shorts) but the longs are the ones that
      want to sell. That is just the facts.
      4. The wild
      card for shareholders is the management team and thier
      past results. They have a lot of shares themselves,
      but bought at much lower prices. They can wait this
      slump out, but can the individual investors?
      Selloffs like this just don't turn around on a dime. We
      may get a move up to 23 which would be half of what
      was lost in one week. Don't look for it to happen as
      quickly as it took for it to fall.
      6. Face it, most of
      the longs are looking to get out at a higher price,
      so the climb back will have sellers all along the
      way. Look for quick spikes up to be short covering, to
      be followed buy slower declines from selling
      Just my opinion, don't get to excited.
      I am long.

    • If you watch the TT someone is still shorting
      this stock thinking it will go down. If he gets caught
      he msy hsve to cover. I have seen it ever since 22
      range. To have an impact on these shorts we will have to
      see at least 23.

    • i am looking at this stock very closly. any body want to give reasons why i should or shouldnt buy KSWS. thank you

    • I think we are going to start getting momentum here soon. I see it building. We may finish up. Depends on the volume. Seems to me this is getting ready to burst.

    • There were 5 MMs (CANT USCT SHWD MASH MLCO) at bid of 17 1/4. In this bunch only Merrill (MLCO) has the clout to take that many shares.

    • Would appreciate your insight.


    • It looks like MM is buying at 17 1/4. 15,000 11,200 5,000 and 5,000 block shares all taken probably by one MM. I am guessing Merrill so I bought some at 17 5/16.

    • After you left us at JBM the stock really tanked. Are you planning to come back to JBM any time soon?

    • What is your infatuation with margin calls?
      Experienced investors don't always use margins and day
      traders close their positions before market closes so how
      can they get margin calls?

      Volume has to slow
      down sometime. Some 7 million shares mustve traded in
      the last 3 days.

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