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  • billberggren billberggren Jun 14, 2000 7:17 PM Flag


    Hate hate to break the news but I would bet there
    are still 10 MM shares outstanding. They only dropped
    200 K between quarters last time so expect at most
    500K this quarter, which is 10 MM. However, I still
    like it but what was the cause of the revenue drop.
    Maybe they should change they're name, K-Swiss is old

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    • I was being optomisitc, but its

      accoding to the first quarter press release issued on
      april 20 they repurchased 250,000 shares during q1 at
      an average price of 12$. They also stateed that they
      had purcshaced 112,500 aditional shares (as the time
      of issuing q1 report) in q2 at an average price of
      14.22 cents a share. Less than three weeks into the
      quarter they had repurchased those and the mentioned they
      would be optortunistic in repurchasing further shares
      at prices avaiable. Remember the Naz was crashing
      around then, and I figured they backed off for a day
      here and there to see how low the price would drift.
      (below 13 only 10k shares a day). If they coninued the
      pace of the first few weeks, you are right my hopes
      are way optomistic. At that pace it would only be
      around 400,000 shares retired in q2.

      But I am
      hoping they really went hog wild and bought in a few
      million out of the apoximately 8 million shares traded
      (from yahoo average volume numbers)