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  • bobstewart1952 bobstewart1952 Jul 18, 2014 12:46 AM Flag

    Did you guys read the report from Zack's?

    Who does their research? Since when does ROX sell beer?

    You guys can fight back and forth all you want, but can someone please post something worth reading? Before any says so, yes, this is my first post here but not my first post on Yahoo. That does not mean I don't follow/own ROX. These guys have pretty good potential. They need to stick to their game plan and follow up.

    Finally, if anyone needs to be thrown off the web, it's Zacks. When did ROX start selling beer? Ginger beer is not beer.

    Bob S.

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    • "Who does their research? Since when does ROX sell beer?"

      Question is where and how did you get educated about stocks and the stock market? Have ya heard about "industry", the alcoholic beverage/spirits industry? Jes incase ya slow on the uptake, ROX is a bonafide member of this industry, to say the least. What is curious about the Zack report is their mention of Constellation.

      Constellation recently acquired CROWN, to bolster their world market presence, and may be in the hunt for viable market source, aka small profitable companies, to keep their pipeline supplied, imho. Do some research and some DD, it will help you understand what ya read. GLTU.

    • The iHub board is significantly better for actual worthwhile conversation about the stock. Yahoo is mostly just for entertainment since they don't bother to moderate anything.

      Just a heads-up: Cam (or one of his clone IDs like badstockdetector) is probably going to accuse you of being "Jimbo" - along with the rest of us - with some ridiculous "proof". Just ignore him. It happened to all of us when we made our first post on this board :)

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