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  • mason82300 mason82300 Feb 9, 2005 10:05 PM Flag


    20k shares of nothing
    waiting for collapse and bk move

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    • Prayer maybe the answer here. A visit to the website maight come in handed here.

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      • Buying?, there has been no transactions on any aftermarket research I have seen. Send a link, if there is such. It looks to have been closed for trade.

        TFS remains what it is. I believe that TFS likely has more outstanding debt that is not accounted, and are reduced in assets now. They are -.15 under the forecast this year going in to market today. I expect a fall of 5 to 15 cents min.

        At a loss of -2.2M per month, the stock should continue to fall between 0.10 and 0.30 per month until the next earnings annoucement. Probably in the range of $1 by Q1.

        Bull, don't worry I will not be buying this one, or telling people to sell/buy. Nobody's words are driving this one down. The last several years TFS has had "earnings" releases that have all been losses. They should call it TFS Loss Estimates by now. There are no earnings, and there have not been for a while. No signs of change either.

        By the way Cellular Phones are only in production for 6 to 18 months typical, per design. Typical projects are 1M to 5M pieces. Profit is typically very small 1-2%, and for TFS it is likely at a -GM% based on their consistent operational losses. That is why there were no questions last night. They could not have known about this design for long, cell phones are not planned 2 years in advance. They do not have this business this far out. There is no good news in the earnings, to show an upside.

        Next stock rise will be high level resignations, but it will not last long without other changes.

        I am glad some people have faith that this will rise, it will give others somebody to sell to. Good luck til Q1 results!