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Dixon Ticonderoga Company (DXT) Message Board

  • pmcmurrell pmcmurrell Jan 8, 2002 12:12 PM Flag

    New Castle Div. Operating Fine

    Checked with some people at the New Castle, Pa., refractories division. That division is
    working and not closed.

    Except for some doubt, I believe fears about
    DXT are overblown.

    I think they need a Venture Capital Firm willing to help a small cap. firm. I think they need a new relationship other than their current one [which so far is NOT INCREASING SHAREHOLDER VALUE and is opening up potential legal problems].

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    • New Castle Refractory division is indeed well managed, however with virtually no capital support from the corp., the future cannot be very bright from a growth perspective. Products are not on the "cutting edge" and will soon feel pressure from foreign competition (already are)

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      • It will be interesting to see what the officers do after they have bankrupted this company. Rumors are that they will take it private. It is sickening and morally wrong to see the officers take huge salaries while driving this company into the ground. Where is their fiduicary concern for the shareholders? Apparantly they have none!!!!!!!