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Dixon Ticonderoga Company (DXT) Message Board

  • maxdasd maxdasd Aug 13, 2002 7:28 PM Flag

    Sandusky Dixon

    Production to cease on October 16th. Plant will close. Operations will be moved.

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    • i've said for the last five years that sandusky dixon can't survive unless they change a lot of things processes, people, and attitudes in general. I blame this companies failure to succeed on the top management they let the place go to hell. and when anyone did try to improve the faclity as far as work rules and habits they fired them. Problem is, some of the people employed there will not get another fob paying what they make now but i guess it's live and learn. You can think back and say boy i wish i would have worked a little harder and smarter. Maybe when everything is moved to mexico and missouri the stock will go up. Sure do hope so. If they do notify the employees of a closing date the company needs to increase security. I know for a fact, every day and night employees are stealing that place blind.

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      • Buckboard222 just to let you know there are very hard workers at the dixon plant .just because when you worked there you sat your ass in the office all day ,you missed out on alot . The people there are very wonderful,friendly,and determined hard workers .yes they are loosing there jobs,but don't make it sound like they had anything to do with the plant was because of people like you and all your other so called friends that never once would go to bat for the people ,the workers of dixon ticonderoga. Beef up the security you said. People are ripping the place off blind. Come on .so what if some take a box of crayons home for there children or grandchildren. That is not even going to be missed. So why don't you come down from your high horse and say what you want to the people ,instead of hiding behind a computer.i know who you are and you are no better than anyone else. At least i don't have to us a alias.

    • Thank you. Anyone else hear anything? Mighty quiet.