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Dixon Ticonderoga Company (DXT) Message Board

  • pmcmurrell pmcmurrell Feb 3, 2001 6:10 AM Flag


    Well, I decided to shift my money over to ATO,
    because ATO looks more sure to me right now.

    I still like DXT as a takeover candidate. I believe that Gino, the CEO, sold off the graphite business to simplify and to make it more attractive for a BUYER.

    It is a cool company - just the kind I would like to own myself, if I could afford to buy it out.

    I believe that Gino will get his wish - so he can retire richer. Current market conditions, however, make it more dangerous. The sell-off in the NASDAQ has brought into doubt the concept that a recession is not on the way! If there is a recession (or looks like one is coming), commercial people will buy less pens and pencils.

    I have decided to WAIT on this one. I don't think the timing is right now. It will HAPPEN sometime.

    Of course, many has been the time when I did something similar and regretted it later when the company got taken over. My wife says that the BUY signal is to BUY just after I sell. I have a lot of stories like that!