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  • ellie1690 ellie1690 Jul 12, 2005 7:30 PM Flag

    CTHR anyone!

    I heard about CTHR from a work colleague sometimes last month. He researched anything he buys probably better than my broker. Of course knowing what he does, I bought the stock the next day. And could not be happier.

    COH, CRXL, DNA, CTHR, BBY, MO, ED, NJR and few others. I believe in diversity.

    COH -women's stuff basically

    CRXL - biotechnology. The world is getting older.

    DNA - cancer drugs

    CTHR - new line of jewelry

    BBY - big boys favorite toy store

    MO - their food products/ don't care much for the cigarette side though.

    NJR and ED for dividends and stock appreciation.

    of course few others. I have not learn how to trade option. It sounds complicated to me.


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    • Just rattlin' your cage Bonk . Thought you where a big boy and could handle it . I'll leave you alone from now on .

    • I was replying to L2L BLUD ATTACK.. He is right, now BLUD is down so does COH by about same amount..that is not so important unless you are retiring from market.Both will recover. Point is other 3or 4 , GLW<QCOM, GDTI, and people sold COH at 37. Made good profit ..on paper. Artman;ABER or CTHR are not my recommendation at all I just said I won't touch or stay away ... every stock will move up or down so no big deal.. All I can say it's not my original picks it was asked... Do you have forward vision or pickup someone's trash ? If you like I careless

    • always like to hear what other people have gotten into. Here's my portfolio:

      SNIC (DVD authoring software co., do your own DD, but i would recommend taking a look)
      BFAM (corporate day care services. i LOVE this stock)
      NABI (the risky money in the portfolio. developing vaccines for a variety of things, the most promising of the lot being one for staph infections. proven to work, waiting for european and fda approval. again, do your own DD, but a potential home run. good funny money play.)

      that's it. i keep it fairly simple.

    • Ellie; you have very good holdings. Even mutual funds will have hard time competing with your. CTHR is very interesting stock on surface but what do you expect in next couple years ? can this company grow like COH or most of moveup already taken place ?
      ABER is no comparison to CTHR .. we are only talking about stocks not gem stone.. ABER is terrible stock.. Jim Cramer will say SALE SALE SALE !!!! You have impressive collection of stocks... COH seems to have few more years of growth remaining...

    • i have watched CTHR soar the past few months but have never considered it . i prefer real stones .
      ABER would be my choice .

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