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  • bonkenx bonkenx Aug 4, 2005 3:29 PM Flag

    Great Comp. BLUD vs. COH 5 yrs Analysi

    No NO .because of t/a result,they gave into recommending.. it was over sold before and Baird wrongly gave neutral ranking two month ago..Sometime they do this to get cheap shares from weak hands..need to watch.

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    • How much upside do you feel is left. I own nothing in this sector and really should.

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      • Zacks just revised forecast for Q1/06 11 cent last yr. vs. 23 cent next Qtr this yr. . that is more than double earning growth 100% growth Qtr to Qtr.. Annual earning comparison, yr. ending 5/2005 just reported this week .52 cent. ,forecast next yr 5/2006 $1.00; nearly 100% growth.. That is Zacks estimate more conservative since they can not watch day to day progress. I expect to see better result since BLUD Japan did not report 9 machines that was pretty much sold since there was change in distribution channel. So those will go to 2006 sale or more likely qtr 1 /06 meaning next quarter sale.
        This is super situation developing for BLUD also profit margin went up since reagents have hugh very high margin 71% ... more machines get placed in hospitals world wide, more disposable (reagents sale) sale increase ;bigger margin items and greater earning stream... this is like classic razer blade story business school teaching model.. BLUD is great stock to own for next 5 years but most likely will be taken away before. Stock holders are nervous because they do not understand underlining business model and always high PE. But this company deserve high PE if you are pro. I expect stock price of $50 before 12 month holding period. I have whole family invested in this stock. Also please read my 7/28/05 message 5 year summary.
        Don't get me wrong ,I also like COH but lesser degree .much slower appreciation due to business model. BLUD Reagent sale is guarnteed business to machine owners long as they own one and also cheaper to operate than manual human testing each blood for transfusion procedure. On COH side once you own Coach bag, you are COH customer; I don't believe that it's that strong tie. not like there is no substitution for reagents.
        Also healthcare is more serious must have industry.It's your life vs. nice to have comparason. Good luck Jim... BONKEN

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