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  • slavebeast38 slavebeast38 Oct 24, 2005 10:50 PM Flag

    Cramer's job


    Seems to me Mr Cramer has one and only one job - grab ratings which in turn sells more advertising during his show. Mr Cramer is paid by a network to make the network more money via advertising. That is his first and only priority in my opinion. He is in fact tied to those who write his big paycheck - the old rule of "follow the money" may apply here to see what he really is ... a paid television spokesperson.

    When you listen to his show carefully, you may (or may not) realize he does nothing but "re-tell" information that is readily accessible to all of us on the internet. His staffers and producers gather this same information, load it on the tele-prompter and the show goes on...and so do his ratings.

    Mr Cramer should be congratulated on his show's success which he is of course a huge contributor too.

    I just don't see anything unique about Mr Cramer that warrants crediting him with being anthing more than a TV figurehead/spokesperson.

    But, that's just how I see it. I'm sure there are folks on here who have built mini-shrines to Mr Cramer in their homes and will now put the time and energy into posting messages with name calling and bickering instead of posting something even remotely tied to what they think Mr Cramer's real job is.


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