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  • jonnybob2005 jonnybob2005 Oct 29, 2005 11:01 PM Flag

    Will COH


    stock ever start to move up again? They reported kick ass numbers and the stock trades like shit. Is it time to throw in the towell and try and make up my losses on something else or just hold on and continue to be tortured every day?

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    • I've come under fire for posting my trades because some people just don't care to hear about it. Some aren't interested in people who are making money while they are taking it in the behind. I used to post my trades to be honest and if I failed it's no secret to anyone where I stand.

      Then I stopped posting my trades. There are days where I trade many stocks, many times a day and just can't post everything. Then when I say I took profits, people want to know why I didn't post my sale. They'll go back months to try to disprove me but I don't have time nor should I have to prove anything to anyone. Can't please everybody.

    • I have great respect for your ability to change direction and make quick decision with condition of market and stock behavior. I have fun ready posts and writing but majority of readers do not keep updated with these fast changing variables and get made at me for day to day shifts in my comments. I think COH is OK but not married to it. I constantly compare COH with other opportunities

    • Don't quite understand your question.

    • I don't know about a good timer. I've made my share of bad decisions but I get out quickly on those and keep my losses minimal. I play the MO stocks adding to them as they go up. Retail stocks give me the biggest headache because they tend to be volatile which shakes me out occasionally earlier than I should. Don't give me more credit than I deserve.

    • Just got off the UNH board. Is this one your full time job?

    • time will tell bonk . your investment strategy is one of the reasons the market for the most part goes nowhere and has been reduced to a trading range for years . i prefer to buy quality and hold .

    • COH will continue to go higher. And upgrades are going to be coming, another bonus. That's good enough for me.

    • I said It's better deal long run by switching from COH to QCOM. Not just straight COH sell. I believe now is good time to get into stocks then holding other assets. I sold 1/3 of my real estate for this reason. Please read my points throughly. Many think I switch sides bouncing like ball but that is true when stock reach upper trend line I sell even good stock and will buy back when it hit lower trend line. I will not hold entire inventory for year after year... I invest to maximize return.

    • no don't equate the same reasoning after all you have a sell on COH and a buy on QCOM .

    • This is opportunity for me to buy .. Just like ML COH attack day before ER with PINK REASONING. COH stock is $2 higher.. now.... ML create opportunity for few ;another couple days before QCOM ER you see the pattern...Watch QCOM come out with good ER and shares will jump like COH shares.

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