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  • TheStraw30 TheStraw30 Nov 7, 2005 11:25 AM Flag

    While I'm long COH, i don't like

    that an insider recently sold 3/4 of his holdings. I can see selling some or half, but not the a price below $34.

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    • kiss my ass stroke

    • Ballfour:

      Be careful what you write and accuse others about because, after reading your post, it's starting to look like you're living in a glass house.

      Remember, 99% percent of the time, when you criticize another person, what you are really doing is telling us much more about YOU than the person you're criticizing.

      We see the faults in others because we see them in ourselves FIRST and for most of us, that justifies pointing the finger at other people and criticizing them.

      You claim Nanny tried to "manipulate" COH with his negative outlook on COH. OK. So what ? Big deal ? The reason you're making that statement is because YOU DO THE SAME DAMN THING but on the other side of the equation. You try your best to manipulate COH with your "get out the pom-poms" cheerleading. This just proves my point that you point the finger at others for doing what you do.

      You say "a man of honor speaks his mind honestly - He is not condescending - He is not a bragger". I say it's a very good idea for you to go back in history and re-read some of your posts - you will find you are exactly the same person you are criticizing.

      Also, it's none of your damn business whether someone is short, long, day trader, or anywhere in between. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THAT INFORMATION - IT IS NO "OWED" TO YOU IN ANY WAY" - THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO YOU ! If someone offers their investment strategy - that's cool. If not, who cares !!! It doesn't matter since most of us can read between the lines and figure it out.

      Lastly, you are one of the WORST offenders on this board when it comes to being insulting and calling names INSTEAD OF STICKING TO THE TOPIC and ISSUE of a post.


    • Nanny is a man without honor. A man of honor puts his cards on the table. If he's short, he says so. He never did. No question he is (was).

      Instead, he tried to manipulate an inconsequential (to COH performance) message board to a negative outlook on COH.

      Which is quite OK. It's a free country.

      But a man of honor speaks his mind honestly, is forthright, and he is not condescending. He is not a bragger. He doesn't talk down to people. He did to me and my naive, uninformed posts.

      Braggers who think they are know it alls = assholes. Braggers that are stokes = loser get a life.

    • Dave:

      I quite agree with you. At first, Nanny did present some interesting issues that seemed quite reasonable for investors to consider in the big picture of making a decision but then, he got baited and engaged in a pissing match with questionable posters on this board.

      It doesn't take much brain power to deduce that when someone responds to your posts with insults, name calling and corrections to your spelling that the responder truly has nothing of value to add to the specific issue or topic contained in your post...they are simply wasting their time along with ours.

      Nanny, you claim to be intelligent and smart but clearly not smart enough to figure out that you've been played big time by the name callers on this message board.


    • I've watched paper profits be eroded so many times, I just couldn't ride this down after such a big run up. Usually I sell and something goes up 2 more points.

      I'm going to sit on my hands for a little while though. Trees don't grow to the sky without some pruning.

      Good luck.

    • Your prediction is real this morning. Good call,makes very logical ..stocks never go straight up.

    • i wish i knew. the dip needs to be with some substantial volume, then when the buyers reenter, i will follow. I've tried to catch too many falling knives. I don' think by any means that COH is going to tank, I just think people are going to pull some off of the table. I would expect that the gap from last week would fill, that would bring us to the high $31s.

      Good luck. The Straw

    • I'm waiting also - Any thoughts? Do you think below $33.00 - Or is that a good entry point?

    • that's not my point, i am just saying that i think it will dip in the near term and allow for some profit taking after this sharp upturn. A support level needs to be established.

    • coh will definately hit 40 within the next month or two

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