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  • bonkenx bonkenx Nov 29, 2005 11:50 AM Flag

    25% off all COH mdse 12/7-11/05

    I do not know why COH is doing this or impact from this SALE but few days ago I received invitation stating " 25% off all COACH merchandise" only at Full price stores not included International or factory outlets. Why COH is doing this ,I don't know What bothers me is ALL regular and Holiday lines.

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    • Apology accepted unconditionally.. when I posted this issue, I had no idea about scarcity of this offer.. So it should not have any impact on COH share price.. Nantucket you can not use it in negative arguments.

    • Invitation card just sent to you. Printing is in tan color ink so you might have contrast problem but should be recognizable.

    • No offense but I hadn't seen anyone else saying they got this card.

      I have called and verified there is a sale 7-11 only at the special invite of each COH direct store manager.

      One would reasonably assume they are supposed to target only heavy hitters and not everyone who has bought a bag n the past.

      It's much ado about nothing.

    • I am sending FAX of the invitation for 25% off to BALLFOURWALKON.. he can not believe it.. It's not that rare invitation ,shame on you that you can not believe some one's word. Look in mirror you might have some problen like Nantucket. I need to FAX in few minutes ,going to FAX machine

    • You talk BIG but to our eyes, you are same as Nantucket in character. It's shame You can not believe honest person because of your twisted character. You will see the COH 25 % off invitation via FAX to your office this morning. You better announce on this COH board that it's real what our favorite company is doing to special customers when you see one!

    • nice one

      now quit lying

      -- International Retail sales increased 7% to $204,287,000 in the third quarter and 7% to $596,707,000 in the nine-month period. On a constant-exchange-rate basis, sales rose 7% in the third quarter and 6% in the nine-month period and comparable store sales increased 1% in the quarter and declined 1% in the nine-month period. On that same basis, comparable store sales in Japan in the quarter were equal to the prior year

    • show us. I am sure you have heard that if you give me a fish, you feed him; if you teach man to fish, he'll never be hungry.

      Please! I crave your knowledge! Excuse me - we all crave your knowledge.

      I figure that by telling you all of us crave your knowledge, it'll appeal to your narcissism.

    • The Federal website provides information to Bloomberg, which is the service I use.

    • he won't respond for another two hours - he's got to tend to his morning duties as personal valet for Leona Helmsley right now.

      I'm sure he'll get back to you after he's had time to give her her foot rub, which usually lasts 1 1/2 hours, according to a report I read on lifestyles of the rich and famous on the ferderal web site

    • From Bloomberg - the shares fell as much as 5.7% after the company failed to revive sales in Japan. In Japan, TIF's second largest market, comp store sales were unchanged. COH's Q2 2005 estimates incorporate a mid single digit comp in Japan. If it comes in flat, as it did at TIF, it puts even more pressure on the US to make up the difference. Again, likely reasons for the discount couponing on current season retail products and for the insider sales.

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