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  • bonkenx bonkenx Jan 26, 2006 12:08 PM Flag

    I sold ALL my COH Common

    I just want to disclose that I sold ALL my COH share this morning. Will buy back after correction may be in Feb before Option experation day...Feb. 17th

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    • Bonk, why you critize chank for buying when he bought right when you thought you would, just before option expiry, Feb. 17th? Now its what's the hurry, just to hold.

      Bonk, let me remind you tomorrow was your anticipated buy date from back jan. 26 when you sold, per this post replied to. If you held you would be up from your selling price.

      Obviously, your interested in buying coh since you have no position; otherwise, why watch it so close and post so often. It's not going to $33 as you had hoped. Are you going to take advantage if you get one more shot close to $35?

      We really don't want to go on the next leg up with no bonk, bozo (except 50 sh)or dave. Get back in guys before its too late. JMHO

    • you got to take a look at IRBT. I bought in Nov at $29. They are going to have over $350-400M just in vacuum robts this year, based upon sell-through of the first of two available now past two years.

      Add in the military/industrial side of the business and it's a home rum. IMO of course.

    • Will pust a stop in, up nearly three in two months!


    • I just saw simg delayed earning report till Feb 6th . investigating possible deferred tax asset writeoff for 2005. May write off profit against defered tax like GLW has done. Not ideal case .can get wild price swing.

    • Fab! Thanks for the info - That's where the SIMG chips go as well!! HA HA!!

      - Maybe everything will be up again tomorrow
      COH too.

      GLW is scary this year though! Not heart palpitating like Coach's dip, but quite amazing to be sure - well worth the wait - I love James Houghton!

    • I want to share news with you that has direct relation to our GLW ; News came from Japan via real time satellite that Panasonic ,Sharp are having problem meeting current HDTV production; demand far exceeds capacity this quarter. This is second time since Jan.1st that they have checked business status and reported .

    • ok...I never left.

      That gap-up after the Earnings got me perked-up.


      With BRCM and others handing-in good Earnings, a general market rally will lift COH to new highs.

      I think a stab at 38.05 as an interim High is a 25% chance, up from 19% the day before. My percentages are based of a proprietary method of speculation and should not be taken as my dictation of a mandate.

      I'm long until COH:

      a) Breaks out of the 36.84.


      b) Re-Tests the 36.84 and fails.

      Goodnight fellow humans.


    • I'm not planning on holding them forever Bonk -I think short term they will be up. SIMG has had a lot of problems with management which I think are over - I bought it a 9 a couple of months ago and will probably sell at about 13. OSUR has a great product and I have been in and out of them for about three years. I agree with you about GLW it is a core holding of mine as was NXTP until Sprint and Nextel merged. There's room for us all in the market - I just hope we all make money!

      Take care.

    • I did look SIMG and OSUR but I can not see the attraction to them. So I am asking you for the rationals. Why and how they will make good earnings to drive stock price up . thank you

    • Why don't you have a look at SIMG? They just may be making the right chips! And OSUR may just be about to become the first over the counter HIV test. - And yes, it is already in hospitals!

      Wow, I'm just making conversation - Please don't assume I don't know what I'm doing, then I won't assume you don't.

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