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  • enggmb enggmb Nov 21, 2006 11:21 AM Flag

    COH in Costco

    I was in Costco last night and saw a dozen different styles
    at good prices (about the same as outlet prices). My wife liked the styles. The costo man said they had a lot of bags to sell. I am a rookie, can anyone tell me if sales
    to costco would show up in last quarter or current quarter. I would gues costco could sell twice as many bags as their
    retail outlets...

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    • You people are freakin' idiots. If you knew anything at all, you would know that the last place in the world COH wants its product is in Costco or any other discount retailer. Only two ways the stuff is there:
      1 - the product is fake and Costco is taking a big risk by selling Coach.
      2 - the product is diverted, probably coming from some other retailer that gave them the the bags as an inticement to get them to buy some other crappy product.

      Anyone who has any idea about brand image should know that selling in Costco kills the brand. Call them up, and Coach will tell you that in no way did they sell this stuff to them.

      If you don't know anything about retail and brand management, GET OFF THE BOARD. YOU ARE A WASTE!

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      • you obviously know nothing about the situation.

        Costco sells tons of clothing, watches, jewerly, and other items from:

        Ralph Lauren/Polo
        Calvin Klein

        and many others as well.

        and its in no way hurt the brandname or its sales for its highend products.

        and now Coach and two other luxury handbag makers I saw at Costco yesterday. These were not fakes they were selling, but probably stuff thats being phased out/clearence. The products you see at the outlet stores.
        And yes, I saw women buying Coach there at Costco yesterday and husbands buying christmas gifts for wifes, etc.....
        As a Coach stock owner, that sight made me nothing but even more happy. Costco is going to help this create total holiday sales blowout numbers for Coach.

      • Do you know anything about Costco? Why would they take the risk of selling knockoffs? Costco sells a lot of top of the line products. They are also full of small to mid business people that COH is and should be targeting. My wife knows her bags well and these are not fake and they are good basic bags, not some of the more wild styles COH comes up with sometime.

      • slamblam you are the idiot. Costco sells breitling watches, movados, rolex's omegas, etc. Does that hurt the brand of those companies???

        Like someone said earlier, the bags coh sells to costco are the outdated, discontinued bags. And i am ok with that AS LONG AS COH applies the same distance formula that they use for their outlet centers. I think I read somewhere coh will not put an outlet center withing a 3 hour drive to a coh retail store. As long as the costco store follows the same forumla, thats fine with me. Just another way to dump inventory.

      • Personally, I would define an idiot as someone who verbally assaults someone they don't even know. You sure are a brave little man hiding behind that keyboard. Bet you wouldn't talk that way to your wife.

        As an aside, those are most definitely Coach purses. Probably some of their shitty product made by our friends in China. See, China is not as proficient at making product as many other countries, but management is ok with that, as it boosts their bonuses in the short run. Stockholders will be cool with it, too, until it blows up in their faces. Can you spell l-e-m-m-i-n-g ?

        Time will tell, then we'll see who the idiots are.

      • I definitely agree that there is no way that COH would ever sell to Costco. I have been buying COH bags for years and usually buy in Bloomingdale's or the COH store. I have been in Costco and have never seen any COH bags. COH would never lover their image and sell to Costco.

    • Why wouldnt they be real? Costco sells breitling watches? I dont get it? As long as the costco store uses the same distance from a coach retail store that they use for their outlets, more power to coach for using another retail outlet to sell their merchandise.

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