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  • cherryanf cherryanf Feb 27, 2007 6:34 PM Flag

    Coach, the fragrance - a review

    I received the latest Coach catalog today and there's a sample of the new fragrance. It's *very* floral, sort of like Lilies of the Valley...yuk. Although I love my Coach handbags, I will pass on this fragrance. It's a little too cute, too sweet, too flowery for my tastes.

    Disclosure: I'm a long term COH investor.

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    • Why don't you comment on the link I provided? It's got a lot of good comments about Made in China, some are quoted below:

      "average quality rating of Chinese products was in the poor range"

      "indicates consumers have a poor perception of Chinese made products"

      "it can be concluded that consumers cleary perceive the majority of non-Chinese made products as having a greater net product value than Chinese made products"

      "one major conclusion of this study is the unfortunate truth that the quality that is put into the Chinese made products is not equal to quality expectations based on prior consumer use with non-Chinese manufactured products"

      Just thing Coach is "luxury" and that's what the consumer thinks of Chinese made products. It's a big problem for the company I'd say.

    • "You might think Made in China is quality, but nearly everyone I know views Chinese made products as crap"....

      This shows you are BS king and ignorant to the extreme. I said many times now, if you want to short, just go ahead and short. There is no need to invent some 'reasons'.

      Take care.

    • I love it...all my FACTS "are BS". So you dispute that Coach is being sold in Sam's, Target, Costco and other mass discounters? You dispute that Coach is driving sales through their outlets? You also dispute the SEC filings where insiders are dumping shares too? You might think Made in China is quality, but nearly everyone I know views Chinese made products as crap. Why don't you read some of the opinions of people on the fashionista link or the retailwire link about "made in china" and Coach. Those are real people and real opinions. Lastly if you want evidence about consumers viewing Made in China being inferior, here you go. I'd love for you to dispute this study: Obviously you are blinded by your attempt to pump up COH and have fallen in love with the stock that you neglect to see reality. Now dispute all that "BS" above, I'm curious to see how you'll try to spin it.

    • Brad,

      Don't forget the FACT that no matter how much you dump your BS on a message board, it won't affect the stock price at all.

      You know your 'FACT's are all BS.

      You're asking other to put 'constructive' into the equation? Give us a break!!

      Where is your response to the my reply to your 'made-in-china-equal-low-quality' BS??

      You should add constructive to the equation, not others.

      Take care

    • Why don't you add some constructive thoughts to the discussion on Coach? It's a FACT they are selling in Sam's. It's a FACT they are selling in Target. It's a FACT they are selling in Costco. It's a FACT people are seeking out their Outlets than regular retail/dept stores. It's a FACT upper end Dept Stores are having constant sales on the "elite" Coach brand. It's a FACT their bags are Made in China! it's a FACT Lew the CEO, and other execs are selling massive amount of COH stock. Why don't you add some constructive input to the equation?

    • I agree, enough already, if you want to short COH be my guest. You are just going on and on with nonsense about COH. Also, how would you know what women want when it comes to buying a bag or fragrance. I think you should get a life other than knocking COH. Good luck to all longs!

    • Your becoming like a rabid dog in here . Must be more going on to this than just being short , aka sour grapes , etc .

    • That's the article from the WSJ on Tiffany's. A lot of what's in there can be applied to COH, about becoming too commonplace and hurting the brand. Tiffany was able to stop it before it completely deteriorated their brand. I think a big problem with COH is you walk down the street and you see numerous bags, many similiar. It's no longer "special" and is commonplace.

    • Tiffanys raised the price of their silver to make it look more exclusive and started selling even more. It's that little blue box and people's perception that does it.

      It's people's perception that counts. And their perception of Coach is that of very high quality and that perception will not end by putting out expensive fragrances. With Coach's goal of putting out higher end price products, people's perception of Coach as a luxury line will increase as with Tiffany's silver.

    • I agree about the adding to the bottom line because that stuff is all cheap to produce, but the problem lies with the branding of it. Coach is branding themselves into too many segments. It's good for short term gains, but it kills the overall brand by making it too commonplace. People seek out "aspirational' brands because they are exactly that. When you can get the item everywhere or a different knock off of the brand, from shoes to fragrance and whatever else they might stick the Coach name to, it's not as special and makes the people buying it feel not as special. That's where you get stuck in wholesale/bargain retailers, and you are just now beginning to see that as Coach is hitting more in Sam's and Costo's and the like and the constant sales on COH bags at high end department stores. The brand has lost its luster. That's why Tiffany is yanking the silver charm bracelets. Too common, and too many teeny boppers got them, that it was killing their overall higher end brand.

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