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  • pc20040101 pc20040101 Mar 1, 2007 5:44 PM Flag

    Warren Buffett is hiring


    Extra: "Buffett seeks a 'New Buffett'"


    We should recommend Brad Welsh to try it out, since he has keen eyes to tell when a company is "undervalued".


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    • Some of CHS's lower SSS was just due to the fact that clothing stores bring in seasonal merchandise far to early anymore. With last year's warmer weather the merchandise was out of whack with the seasons in most clothing stores. But the clothing business looks better with the Spring merchandise.

      URBN is pricey. It probably will remain so untill something changes investors perception of its future growth prospects. Analysis expectations are high and so are investors. High growth companies are always overpriced until something unforseen occurs. It most likely will occur but you never know the future. If or when investors change their minds is part of that unknown future.

    • BTW I'm neutral on CHS, just look at my posts over there (grant it yahoo had the board down for a while) A year ago it was a good short. Now it's just drifting. I still think management is screwing things up over there, but I think it's already made it's significant move downward and a big move downward of the same proportions will be unlikely. I don't like URBN. 200 stores and worth 4B!

    • Hey, you found something that might be pricier than either CHS or COH. Earnings would definitely have to grow faster than even COH by a couple of percentage points per year to justify the price. The problem is that analysts like URBN. They expect 33.3% earnings growth for this next year and 25% over the next 5 years. The projections are high. Risky, definitely. Overpriced, maybe. It depends on its ability to meet projections and I don't know enough about URBN to say so. However, I would have to say the price does not justify the risk at this time. Definitely a better candidate for shorting than either CHS or COH.

    • Calm down Brad.

      I now see more in you those characteristics usually found in 5-year olds.

    • why don't you just admit you got called out on your blatant lie? Why don't I believe it was a "typo"?

    • Calm down, Brad. That's just a typo of 530 instead of 330.

      Do you think catching a typo in my post can help you rebuild your credibity here? Not at all, but nice try.

    • I'm gonna go ahead and call a big BS on that one! 530 weekends holding COH? They haven't been public that long. Looks like someone got caught in another lie! Just shows you don't have any credibility or can't back anything up with facts. Also you might want to listen and see how many people on CNBC were talking about "no one wants to hold over the weekend" as well. I'm sure you can get a tape from today and it will be clear as day too.

    • "I never figured out why so many people were in such a rush to partner with the communists"....

      Don't worry, my 5-year old doesn't understand that either!!

    • URBN is overpriced too! I think you'd be surprised I don't short everything. I'll buy a lot of them if they are cheap, but they are just in the part of the cycle where they are all high.

    • No new ones other than CHS and COH to short? I just figured up my paper gains for the three that you have advised others to short. My longest holding is COH at 9 months and the other two are less than 6 months. I have a 32% gain so far even after this week. How are you doing on your shorts?

      The Chinese stock market is still a minor player in this world. I'm surprised that it has had any influence on any of the other world markets. Especially since the Chinese markets meltdown had nothing to do with the Chinese economy. More of a fear factor than dealing with facts.

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